Macaulay Caulkin Movies: How Many Has He Starred In?

Macaulay Culkin is best known for the first two Home Alone movies he starred in as a child, but those are far from the only movies the star, who is just 38 years old, has starred in. His portfolio helped make him one of the biggest names of the 1990s. Despite being less active in recent years, Macaulay Culkin, the former child star has remained a household name.

‘Home Alone 1’ and ‘Home Alone 2’

In Home Alone and its sequel, which netted him a small fortune, Macaulay “Mack” Culkin plays young Kevin McCallister who is accidentally left alone at home and then in New York City. Separated from his family, Kevin must survive on his own while avoiding criminals and other unsavory types before he can finally reconnect with his family at the end of each film.

Home Alone was a smash success, and Macaulay Culkin recently partnered with Google to promote Google Home by reenacting famous scenes from the holiday comedy almost perfectly.

Although there was a third film in the series, it did not star Macaulay Culkin and is not a fan favorite like the first two movies.

‘The Pagemaster’

This might be Macauley Culkin’s second-best-known film, but it didn’t do nearly as well as Home Alone. The Pagemaster combines animation and live action to tell the store of a perpetually-afraid young boy who loves read who finds himself in the fantasy land straight from his favorite books.

Macauley’s character Richard must survive adventures from books such as Moby Dick before his consciousness allows him to return to reality.

The movie also stars Christopher Lloyd, Whoopi Goldberg, Patrick Stewart, Leonard Nimoy, and Frank Welker.

‘Richie Rich’

Another ’90s family classic, Richie Rich finds Culkin playing young Richie Rich, an aptly-named boy born who was born with a silver spoon in hand, suddenly missing parents. Richie suspects his parents have been kidnapped by an executive from his parent’s company and enlists the help of his friends to find his parents and foil the kidnapping plan.

This movie was received favorably by fans.

‘My Girl’

Macauley Culkin also starred in the 1991 movie My Girl when he was just 11 years old. The dramedy also featured stars of the time Dan Aykroyd and Jamie Lee Curtis. The movie follows Vada, played by another young actress, Anna Chlumsky, as she comes of age. Vada is a hypochondriac who often cares for her aging grandmother when not spending time with her best friend Thomas, portrayed by Macauley.

This is one of Culkin’s few sad roles as his character dies in an attempt to make his friend feel better. Vada must learn to find closure and exist in the world without her best friend.

Other Movies

Culkin has acted in 16 other movies, including:

  • Uncle Buck
  • Jacob’s Ladder
  • The Nutcracker
  • Getting Even with Dad
  • Party Monster
  • Saved!
  • Adam’s Green Aladdin

The actor has also made appearances in television shows such as Frasier, Saturday Night Live, Will & Grace, and, more recently, Robot Chicken.

Web Projects

Macaulay Culkin’s more recent projects are not movies. For most of 2018, Macauley has promoted his website BunnyEars, a comedy-lifestyle brand described as a “giant internet hug.” Culkin previously promoted his Web projects during an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon as well as the super-forum Reddit.

According to the site, Macauley Culkin and the BunnyEars team:

want[s] to explore the modern lifestyle choices that people make in great depth because we know that healthy relationships and mental wellness are the keys to happiness.

Culkin achieves this through amusing articles by himself as friends, answering questions from visitors, hosting podcasts, and posting polls that allow fans to sound off on various topics including Macauley Culkin’s new middle. Yes, he’s legally changing his middle name to Macauley Culkin, making him Macauley Macauley Culkin Culkin.

Before his website, Culkin occasionally played in a comedy rock band known as The Pizza Underground, which played pizza-themed parodies of The Velvet Underground. Culkin played the kazoo and sang for the band, which is known for handing out boxed pizza at shows.

Although Macauley may not be active on the big screen, he still strives to make people laugh and feel good.