Maddie Ziegler Blew the Director of Her New Movie ‘Bloody Hell’ Away

Production for Maddie Ziegler’s new movie, Bloody Hell, has officially wrapped. This film finished shooting just 3 weeks after it was announced via Deadline. Ziegler and her co-lead, Schitt’s Creek alum, Emily Hampshire, have spent the last month in Canada bringing the coming-of-age trauma comedy to life. And it seems that many people are singing Ziegler’s praises for her work in the film.

Bloody Hell star Maddie Ziegler looks over her shoulder
‘Bloody Hell’ star Maddie Ziegler | ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images

Maddie Ziegler has been stacking her resume with movies

Though Ziegler got her start in the dance world, she has transitioned to acting in recent years. Prior to landing the lead role in Bloody Hell, she starred opposite Jenna Ortega in the indie film, The Fallout. And, at 16, she was able to work with directing legend, Steven Spielberg, on his rendition of West Side Story.

Ziegler hasn’t been shy about how much her passion for acting has grown over the years. She certainly seems grateful to be consistently getting good work. In an interview with Cosmopolitan, the Dance Moms alum admitted that she’s a bit surprised with how her acting career has begun to take off.

“Acting is taking over my world,” Ziegler explained. “I love it so much. I don’t know how I’m booking roles because I feel like I’m such a newbie, but I’ve been working really hard at it.”

‘Bloody Hell’ director, Molly McGlynn, gushes about the ‘Dance Moms’ alum

Ziegler may be surprised that she’s being cast in coveted projects, but directors seem to think she’s the clear choice for their characters. While speaking to Deadline, Molly McGlynn, who wrote and directed Bloody Hell, said the dancer was absolutely the right choice for the lead role of Lindy.

“I knew Maddie was the perfect person to capture the nuance and complexity of this confusing, emotionally overwhelming, and in hindsight, absurd, time in my adolescent life,” McGlynn shared. It seems that McGlynn’s instincts about Ziegler were spot on. Recently, the director took to Instagram to express her appreciation for the actor and her work on the movie.

“We wrapped Bloody Hell in the wee hours, coinciding with the 15-year anniversary of my Mum’s passing,” McGlynn penned. “Making this has been the most difficult, joyful, and cathartic experience of my life. Overwhelmed with gratitude and bug bites. Maddie Ziegler, you have blown me away with your bravery, depth, and commitment and I will say thank you forever. To the incredible cast and crew, you showed the f up and then some. I cry now.”

Ziegler also received praise from another person she worked with on her new movie, ‘Bloody Hell’

But McGlynn wasn’t the only person who worked on Bloody Hell who was eager to sing Ziegler’s praises. Another one of Ziegler’s coworkers also gushed about her work on the show. A user on Reddit was able to screenshot praise about the Music alum.

“Also, for anyone wondering, Maddie Ziegler is the realest of deals!” the person captioned a photo of themselves and Ziegler. “I hadn’t ever heard of her before this and now I’m a full-blown fan! She’s so talented, so kind, so hard-working, so humble, and most notably, so down to earth! Always ready to go on action, never complaining when the bugs are bad, or the weather’s cold, or the rain is falling, and never showing any signs of discouragment when things on set are becoming blatantly challenging. She carried a massive load on this show and her performance and attitude kept me motivated and inspired throughout! I feel insanely lucky to have had the opportunity to work with her!”


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Clearly, Ziegler’s work on Bloody Hell impressed a number of people. We’re sure her millions of fans can’t wait to see her work in her latest acting venture.