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If you’re a fan of Maddie Ziegler, you likely know that the actor has a passion for makeup. Thanks to her background in competition dance, the Bloody Hell star developed an interest in makeup at a young age. Fans of Dance Moms will recall that Ziegler would often do her own makeup for competitions. Furthermore, her teammates occasionally relied on her to help them with their stage looks rather than their mothers.

makeup designer Maddie Ziegler at the Lacoste shwo
Maddie Ziegler | Stephane Cardinale – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images

Maddie Ziegler recently collaborated with Morphe 2 for her second makeup collection

Ziegler has also showcased her passion for makeup through her collaborations with Morphe 2. She recently launched her latest collection, Changement, which features an eyeshadow palette, a gel liner, a brow and freckle pen, and a brush set. The palette boasts beautiful, bold, pigments for special occasions and muted tones for everyday looks.

The ‘Dance Moms’ alum keeps her everyday look very simple

Though Ziegler loves makeup, she seems to be opting for a super natural beauty routine these days. When she’s not filming a movie or doing press, The Fallout actor likes to keep things super simple. A bit of concealer, some mascara, a brow pen to highlight her beauty marks, and a fun eye is pretty standard for Ziegler’s daily routine. And, because of her years of experience, the dancer has gotten really good at doing her makeup at warp speed.

Ziegler does her makeup at warp speed

“I do my makeup so fast,” Ziegler shared with Who What Wear. “I will be ready before anyone else! I’ll just do my makeup in like three minutes. Sometimes if I’m really lazy and I have to leave in five minutes, I wait until those last five minutes to get fully ready because I know how to do it and get out the door. I feel like it’s fun because I love playing with makeup, but when it comes down to my actual routine, I just slap it on and go.”

Why the ‘West Side Story’ actor is passionate about makeup

It’s pretty impressive that Ziegler can create a cohesive look in just a few minutes’ time. But considering she’s been doing her makeup for over a decade, she’s gotten to practice quite a bit. It also helps that the West Side Story alum is best friends with her long-time makeup artist, Tonya Brewer. She’s been candid about the fact that she’s learned a lot about makeup from Brewer.


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But why does Ziegler have such a love for makeup? According to the former reality TV show star, it is another way to showcase self-expression. A creative, Ziegler loves how people showcase their personalities through their makeup looks. Certainly, Ziegler’s signature look has continued to evolve throughout the course of her career. And now that she’s no longer a teen, we’re sure it will continue to change.