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Having been in the spotlight since she was 8 years old, Maddie Ziegler has no shortage of fans. And while the dancer likes to keep most of her personal life private, she sometimes gives fans glimpses into her day-to-day life via social media. On Instagram, the Dance Moms alum boasts 13.8 million followers. Meanwhile, on TikTok, she has 4.9 million followers. But, if it weren’t for Kenzie Ziegler, the actor wouldn’t be on TikTok at all.

Maddie Ziegler
Maddie Ziegler | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Maddie Ziegler refused to join TikTok for a while

Unlike her younger sister and many people in her generation, it took a while for Maddie Ziegler to join TikTok. Her first post didn’t happen until January of 2021. “Am I late lol,” she captioned her first video of her doing the renegade challenge. To date, the The Fallout actor has still only posted 30 times to TikTok. But despite that, she’s racked up a whopping 37.8. million likes on the popular app.

Kenzie Ziegler convinced her older sister to join the popular social media app

It seems that Maddie Ziegler’s fans have Kenzie Ziegler to thank for her joining the app. In a joint interview with Elite Daily, the sisters admitted that Kenzie had to convince her older sister to make an account. “It took a very long time for you to convince me to join,” Maddie said to Kenzie. “I had a fake account just to watch your TikToks. I would also try the dances, but I would just put them in my drafts.”

Eventually, Maddie made an official TikTok, but it took her a while to learn how to navigate it. Unlike Kenzie, who films once and posts, Maddie did multiple takes and then questioned what to say or post. Eventually, however, Kenzie was able to convince her that it was less about curating content and more about having fun.

‘The Fallout’ actor praises the ‘happy for me’ singer for her TikTok

“I didn’t understand,” Maddie revealed. “Now I’m better at it. A little bit. But I do love the app, and that is because of you. You are the best TikTokker, without a doubt.” Many other people seem to agree with Maddie’s sentiment about Kenzie being great at TikTok. To date, the “Donuts” singer boasts 22.2 million followers on the app. But what makes Kenzie so great at the app in her sister’s mind?


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“You do the best transitions,” Maddie gushed about Kenzie’s TikTok. “You do the best dances, but also, like you said, you’ll learn a dance and film it once. You don’t even watch it back; you just post it. You have such a carefree mentality about it, like, ‘This is me, whether you like it or not.’ It’s so amazing.”

Maddie and Kenzie both have fun on TikTok

Clearly, the sisters have learned to enjoy the app and be free with what they’re posting and how often they post. And while they have their own unique approach to TikTok, fans sure seem to appreciate the videos that they post together.