Maddie Ziegler Fans Are Finally Going to Hear Her Sing Thanks to Sia

Maddie Ziegler has been in the spotlight from a very young age. She was only eight years old when the hit reality TV show, Dance Moms premiered on Lifetime. The show made Ziegler a household name as she was one of the strongest dancers on the ALDC Junior Elite Competition team. Because of her hard work, dedication, passion for dance, and penchant for winning, she quickly became a favorite at the studio.

Maddie Ziegler age 16
Maddie Ziegler | Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for Showpo

Maddie Ziegler has acted in popular movies and tv shows

Before long, Ziegler’s dancing skills and emotional execution lead to some acting jobs for her. At age 10, the Dance Moms alum secured her first acting gig on the show Drop Dead Diva as a younger version of the main character. Ziegler found that she truly enjoyed acting and continued on to star in hit shows like Pretty Little Liars, and Austin & Ally. Today, the dancer is still building her acting resume. In fact, she recently landed a lead role in the upcoming film, The Fallout, alongside Jenna Ortega.

Morphe, Fablectics, and more

But acting isn’t the only passion that Ziegler has developed over the years. The actor is also an author, having written four books at a very young age. In addition to that, Ziegler has developed a passion for fashion and currently has a partnership with the activewear brand, Fabletics. Ziegler has helped to create three collections for the popular brand that reflect her unique style. In addition to that, the dancer recently launched her first makeup line in collaboration with Morphe, and it’s rumored that she will be releasing another.

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Ziegler has a close relationship with Sia

Though Ziegler left Dance Moms in 2016, she’s never stopped dancing. Back in 2016, she was tapped by the Australian singer, Sia to appear in her music video, Chandelier. Sia was a fan of Dance Moms and was impressed with how much Ziegler was able to emote despite her young age. Following Ziegler’s success in Chandelier, Sia continued to tap her for projects. The dancer has even gone on tour with Sia and they maintain a very close relationship to this day. In fact, Ziegler has shared that Sia is her godmother.

The dancer has a lead role in the upcoming film, ‘Music’

In addition to their personal relationship, Sia and Ziegler continue to work together professionally. In fact, Ziegler recently starred in the film, Music, which Sia wrote and directed. Though the film was set to release in 2020, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has delayed its release. In the film, Ziegler plays an autistic, teenager, Music, coping with her grandmother’s death. The film will also be one of the first times fans of Ziegler get to hear her sing.

Ziegler reveals she’ll be singing in the movie

Fans of Ziegler’s who have been around since her Dance Moms days know it’s a rarity for the dancer to sing. In fact, she’s always left the singing up to her little sister, Kenzie Ziegler. But, in a recent YouTube video that Ziegler recorded with popular YouTuber, Nikkie de Jager, the dancer admitted that her voice is featured on two songs in the upcoming film.

“We have a movie that Sia wrote and directed and it’s coming out hopefully next year and I had to sing like two songs in it and it was the most nerve-racking experience of my life,” Ziegler revealed to de Jager. And I never want anyone to know that it’s me singing, But I just revealed the secret and now I’m scared.”

Though Ziegler is nervous about fans hearing her sing, we’re sure she sounds just fine. Given her perfectionist tendencies and all that she’s accomplished at such a young age, we sure she has plenty to offer vocally.