Madison LeCroy From ‘Southern Charm’ Calls Austen Kroll a ‘F*** Boy’ – They Never Talked Marriage

Now that Madison LeCroy from Southern Charm is happily engaged to Brett Randle, she reflected on her tumultuous relationship with Austen Kroll, admitting he was never truly serious about settling down with her.

LeCroy and Kroll’s romance finally flamed out last season when she became exasperated with Kroll’s desire to party instead of being a serious boyfriend. They have had a few tense, but courteous run-in’s this season and LeCroy believes she dodged a bullet.

Madison says her relationship with Austen was a ‘toxic situation’

LeCroy, who returned for Southern Charm Season 8 said the drama with Kroll left her completely drained. “I was depressed, emotionally and mentally drained by that previous relationship,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “Austen’s not husband material, and I have quickly realized what that is, and I’ve been put on a pedestal in the relationship that I am in. And I think that every woman deserves that kind of love. And as you can see, it definitely has changed my outlook on everything really. I mean, just overall being happy and not in a toxic situation.”

Austen Kroll, Madison LeCroy, Andy Cohen talk at the Southern Charm reunion
Austen Kroll, Madison LeCroy, Andy Cohen | Heidi Gutman/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

“Out of the three years of the gray area, we had never talked about marriage or anything like that,” LeCroy added. “So it was definitely refreshing to be with someone that knew exactly what they wanted and wanted the same things.”

“It was a college kind of relationship,” she added. “It was just fun and you know, everybody likes some drama sometimes, but it’s… I am so blessed to be out of that.”

She reflected on Austen Kroll’s behavior on ‘Summer House’ and called him a ‘f*** boy’

Kroll and Craig Conover appeared alongside Bravo’s Summer House cast Lindsay Hubbard, Ciara Miller, and more on Winter House. Kroll became entangled in a love triangle with Hubbard and Miller, which spilled over to Summer House and caused massive drama.

Looking back on the Summer House season, LeCroy thinks she dodged a bullet. “I think we know that I’m the one that dodged the bullet or cannon,” she said. “I feel very validated in that. And I am just happy that everyone was able to see how he really is and what he, I don’t know… I don’t want to cuss on here, but f-boy ways. He’s not a one-woman kind of man.”

All’s well that ends well for Madison from ‘Southern Charm’

Despite their past, LeCroy was happy that Kroll didn’t mock her engagement – unlike some of the other cast. “I thank him for that, because I think that I was expecting some kind of maturity out of him to, even congratulate me,” she said.

“I was more shocked by the guys having more to say, betting [on if my relationship would last] and all, but I think they’re all jealous. Like I said, they’ve all tried to hook up with me and that just didn’t work.”

But she is happy in love with Randle who will not appear on Southern Charm Season 8. “My wedding is going to be 35 people and just family,” she dished. “So it’s just going to be an intimate moment and I want to keep it that way. … It was just kind of one of those things that if Brett didn’t know this person, as much as I did, like, we just needed to make sure that the people that were there that knew us as a couple.”

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