Madison Prewett Finally Explains Why She Went on ‘The Bachelor’ via Her YouTube Channel

Only a few months after The Bachelor wrapped, Madison Prewett has rolled out a YouTube channel. Having already secured a PR representative and a whopping 1.9 million followers on Instagram, her decision to expand to a new platform comes as no surprise. Prewett became a fan-favorite on Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor for her “genuine and real” nature. But, it quickly became obvious that although the two had chemistry, they were not compatible long-term.

Madison Prewett started a YouTube channel
Madison Prewett | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images

The first indicator that Prewett and Weber weren’t a perfect match for one another was when the 24-year-old declared that she wanted a faith leader in a partner. Weber admitted that he wanted a stronger relationship with his faith, but also shared he’d struggled in the past. The pair seemed to get over that bump in their relationship until fantasy suite week approached.

Madison Prewett’s journey on ‘The Bachelor’

Up until that point, Prewett had not shared that she was saving herself for marriage. She did, eventually, share that information with the pilot and also confessed that she would be upset if he were to get intimate with either of his other finalists, including Hannah Ann Sluss, whom he eventually proposed to. This caused many fans and alums of The Bachelor to question why Prewett even came on the show to begin with.

As The Bachelor has been around for 24 seasons, most people are familiar with the script even if they aren’t fans. Fantasy suites have been around forever, so people were confused about why Prewett would even come on the show given her values. While some people defended the Auburn native, others felt that she just came on the show to achieve Instagram fame. But, Prewett finally shared her decision to join The Bachelor cast on her new YouTube channel.

Prewett recently launched a YouTube channel

“Hey everyone! I am so excited to share my first YouTube video! In this video, I finally get around to answering some of the questions that you guys have been asking through my Instagram. Leave a comment of what you would like to see next, subscribe to my channel to see more, and ask some questions below and I’ll answer them in my upcoming videos! Also be sure to follow me on social media, @madiprew, to find the full clip of my Price Is Right video and more from my season of The Bachelor!” Prewett captioned the now unlisted video on her YouTube channel.

Prewett answers questions about her eyelashes and more

In the video, Prewett answers frequently asked questions like what mascara she uses and why she came on The Bachelor. When responding to the latter question she shared that she’s asked the question a lot of herself. “Honestly, I don’t know that I have this perfect answer. But, what I can say is that I do not regret it and I know that I was supposed to go on the show,” the 24-year-old shared.

Why the basketball player joined the cast of ‘The Bachelor’

Prewett continued on to share that her friend nominated her and sent in the application. She was initially unsure about the process, but after taking a long time to pray, think, and talk to her family, she decided to go for it. She also said the producers helped make the decision easier for her and it ultimately felt like something she was meant to do. Fans of Prewett are claiming that going on The Bachelor was God’s Plan for her. While we’re unsure if Prewett holds that exact sentiment, clearly it’s a choice she’s glad she made.