‘MAFS:’ Gregg and Deonna Reveal Their Biggest Pressure Since The Show Ended

The odds of a couple making it to the end of the Married At First Sight experience and having a successful marriage after filming wraps are slim. But, for the couples that do make it, fans keep up with their every move. That’s proven to be the case for season 9 favorites Greg and Deonna. The couple have been married for a little over a year and even started a business together. While their marriage is going well, they admit that their greatest pressure is starting a family.

Deonna and Greg on 'Married At First Sight'
Deonna and Greg on ‘Married At First Sight’ via Twitter

Since filming wrapped, Greg and Deonna have continued marital counseling and started a business

Deonna and Gregg were married in March 2019 and following decision day of MAFS, the moved full speed ahead with their marriage. Deonna sold her home in North Carolina, which was not a difficult decision as Deonna explained on the show that she’d owned the home for three years and had not had a great experience. Aside from that, Greg had a larger home with more room and was excited to have his wife make it more liveable with decor. 

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They revealed during an interview on comedian Kevin Fredericks and his wife Melissa’s podcast, The Love Hour, that they remained in touch with the show’s experts for guidance for a brief period being having to independently work to keep their marriage afloat. 

“They [the experts] don’t coach us along the way anymore but they are still friends,” Deonna explained. “We still talk to them every now and then but as far as them coaching us going forward, they don’t do that. We have our own marriage counselor that we still go to once a month, so that is where we also have that balance.”

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The couple celebrated their one year wedding anniversary and kept the same bands they picked out for their special day. Things are going so well for them that they decided to go into business together by starting a motivational T-Shirt line.

“It’s pronounced Akpesiri, it’s actually my middle name which means good life,” Greg revealed. “We’re very faith-based and trust in God so when I first told her about my middle name, she said, ‘That’s a nice name, you should put it on a shirt one day.’” 

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Deonna had a dream about Greg having a T-Shirt company with his middle name printed on the shirt and Greg took it as a sign that he should start the business with his wife by his side. “It’s a T-Shirt company that encourages people to live boldly, so it’s not just faith-based but a bunch of different things to show who we are and represent us,” he said.

Greg and Deonna feel pressured to start a family and reveal the best part of marriage

While Greg and Deonna focus on getting their business off the ground, the two can’t escape constant questions about when they plan to have a baby. While they’ve been married for over a year now and Deonna admits to having baby fever, she says the pressure from their loved ones and fans started immediately after they wed.

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“The only pressure since day one is people are asking, ‘When are y’all gonna have a baby?’ And it’s like, ‘I just met him the same time y’all saw him,’” Deonna joked. “When the show was airing, everyone was like, ‘Have a baby!’ And I’m like, ‘I just met him two months ago!’”

Despite the pressure, the two are basking in marital bliss and revealed the thing they love most about marriage is having a 24/7 companion. 

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“My favorite thing about being married is the fact that I always have someone here with me – a partner,” Deonna said with a smile as Greg gushed. Greg agreed. “Having a life partner is truly the most amazing thing about being married – share the ups and downs with someone – just growing and being business partners now,” he said.

The two keep their fans updated on their respective social media pages and look forward to continuing to grow and build together.