Magda Greenlights ‘Below Deck Down Under’ Boatmance With Jamie if She Didn’t Have a Boyfriend

Bosun Jamie Sayed had his eye on third stew Magda Ziomek almost immediately on Below Deck Down Under, and she now reveals she may have been into a boatmance with him if her boyfriend wasn’t in the picture.

During a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Ziomek suggested Sayed was the only logical choice for a boatmance on Thalassa. Sayed and the Polish stew had that now infamous hot tub scene where she proclaimed to a producer that “I like to dance, I like to feel hot. I’m Latina so I just wanna have fun.”

Magda says she could have had a boatmance with Jamie on ‘Below Deck Down Under’ (if she was single)

On the WWHL After Show, Ziomek was asked to choose who she would have considered having a boatmance with from the Below Deck Down Under boat. “I got connected to actually Benny [Crawley], Ryan [McKeown], and Jamie a lot,” she said. “Just on different levels. So at this point, I would say … Jamie.”

Magda Ziomek and Jamie Sayed listen to someone speak on 'Below Deck Down Under'
Magda Ziomek and Jamie Sayed | Peacock

Ziomek grinned and giggled as she said Sayed’s name too. Host Andy Cohen wondered if Sayed was currently single. “Yes, he’s single,” Ziomek replied. “Ryan is dating someone. And Benny has a girlfriend too. So … that’s why Jamie!”

On Below Deck Down Under, Sayed became pretty heated when he learned that Ziomek had a boyfriend. The two were extremely cozy in the hot tub, which is when she did her “Latina” dance and he seemed very interested in taking it beyond the hot tub.

Jamie had no hard feelings with Magda after the ‘Below Deck’ Season

Sayed told Showbiz Cheat Sheet he moved on pretty quickly after learning Ziomek had a boyfriend. “So I move on extremely quickly. That whole thing was blown out of proportion. That’s what makes good TV right?” he said. “Look, I love Magda, she loves me. We sat at the premiere party watching it together like sitting there with our heads in our hands … embarrassed.”

“And with that scene, I guess I felt more embarrassed. I mean, I had a few drinks, you know?” he admitted. “And I was embarrassed about the thing. I didn’t want to do anything in front of my crew with a girl who had a boyfriend, let alone on global TV. And just be this dirtbag that sleeps with the girl who has a boyfriend. That’s not me. That’s not what I wanted to do.”

He got a lot of hate on Twitter about his reaction on ‘Below Deck Down Under’

Sayed’s reaction to Ziomek when he learned she had a boyfriend was heated. He stormed back to his room, saying that all the women on the boat had boyfriends. Of course, this didn’t sit well with the two single women, Brittini Burton and Tumi Mhlongo. Sayed said his anger was misdirected.

“So that’s the whole thing where I got a little bit annoyed, it wasn’t directed at Magda,” he explained. “Drinking was a factor, right? If you see me yelling or saying anything bad, it’s just more me trying to get my drunken words out.”

“Brittini and Tumi decided to insert themselves in the situation,” he added. “It was so unnecessary that they really didn’t need to bring themselves into the situation and then make it sound like I’m rejecting Tumi or Brittini. That was never the case. When I said every girl has a boyfriend, I just had eyes for one girl, Magda. And for those girls to get upset it just wasn’t what I was doing. It’s like we can all get along without the drama at all. It’s just I found that very strange.” He added, “I got a lot of hate about this from Twitter.”

Below Deck Down Under currently airs on Bravo on Tuesday at 9 pm and the season is streaming on Peacock.

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