‘Maggie’ Star Rebecca Rittenhouse Thinks Her Character Is Afraid of Making a Big Mistake

In Hulu‘s charming rom-com series Maggie, Rebecca Rittenhouse plays the titular psychic. The actor recently opened up about how she relates to her character, revealing how she thinks Maggie fears making mistakes. 

Rebecca Rittenhouse shares why she thinks Maggie fears mistakes

David Del Rio and Rebecca Rittenhouse film a scene for Hulu's Maggie
Maggie stars David Del Rio and Rebecca Rittenhouse | Richard Cartwright/ABC via Getty Images

In Maggie, Rittenhouse’s character is a thirty-something single woman navigating the dating scene and a potential romance. The actor recently spoke to Women’s Wear Daily about similar situations and relationships she’s experienced. She also explained how some of Maggie’s experiences intersect with hers. 

“I’m not married,” Rittenhouse said. “If you’re in your thirties and you’re unmarried, but you do want to have a family, but you also have a career…we’re still not at the point in the world where things are the same for women as they are for men. And you start to feel a lot of pressure about your decision-making.”

The actor noted that many single women her age begin worrying about their future. She believes that is also how Maggie feels. 

“Obviously, I don’t speak for everyone, but I’m speaking for myself and for Maggie,” Rittenhouse explained. “And I think Maggie definitely has that fear of making a mistake.”

“She leans into her visions and abilities as a way to say, ‘Well, I know what’s going to happen, so I’m just not going to bother,’ and she uses it as a way to avoid mistakes and heartbreak,” she added. 

Rebecca Rittenhouse says Maggie is bad at sorting out her own feelings

When chatting with Women’s Wear Daily,  Rittenhouse also talked about what it’s like to talk to a psychic. She noted that while some people,  like herself, can use a psychic reading to gain insight into their feelings, Maggie finds that hard to do. 

“At least my experience with psychics has been that they have helped me sort of sort through my own feelings, which is ironic because I think Maggie is bad at doing that with her own abilities,” the Four Weddings and a Funeral star said. 

Rittenhouse also explained how Maggie often ignores her inner voice.  And she pointed out how the character tends to rely more on her parents for validation.

“Other people may not necessarily understand why you do what you do or the decisions you make, including the people you’re closest to, including your parents,” she noted. “And parents are a big part of Maggie — and her need for approval from them and need for validation.”

Rittenhouse continued, “I think that is part of a journey of growing up, even if it’s late stage in your thirties, is kind of figuring out how to live your own life the way that you want to do it and not in service of somebody else.”

Will there be a ‘Maggie’ Season 2? 

The season finale of Maggie ended with a cliffhanger. While Hulu has yet to renew or cancel the series for a second season, Rittenhouse is ready to jump back into the role. 

“I would love to see her use her powers maybe in a different way,” she told Entertainment Weekly when asked about a potential season 2 of Maggie. “Maybe she thinks it’s a better way to use them, but maybe it’s ultimately not a better way, I don’t know. Maybe she tries to play matchmaker and that could blow up in a fun way. It’s all about putting her in uncomfortable situations.” 

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