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The reality TV show Mathis Family Matters continues with a focus on Greg Mathis Jr. and his goal of becoming an advocate for the LGBTQ community. He reaches out to EJ Johnson, the son of Magic Johnson, for advice. Here’s what happened last time on the reality show.

Greg gets advice from Magic Johnson’s son

Elliott Cooper, EJ Johnson and Greg Mathis Jr. attend the Mathis Family Matters screening
Elliott Cooper, EJ Johnson, and Greg Mathis Jr. | Jerritt Clark/Getty Images for Greg Mathis / Judge Mathis

Greg says EJ’s father (Magic Johnson) and his father (Judge Mathis) are good friends. Over the years, their families also became close. Greg tells EJ that leaving politics in Washington D.C. and moving to California inspired him to build an LGBTQ advocacy space. However, Greg is nervous because this will be the first time he is publicly declaring he is gay.

Greg is aware his revelation will impact those closest to him, like his father and his boyfriend, Elliott. He says Judge Mathis fans tend to be conservative, so he’s concerned about the impact coming out might have. “It’s a big step,” says EJ during the show. “Our families aren’t like any other families. That’s a big moment.”

Greg worries about Elliott because he came out to his father and stepmother, but most of his family isn’t aware of his sexual identity. “He comes from a super conservative, South Carolina, very religious family that does not think the same way that we do,” says Greg. “It makes me nervous, and it gives me like a little bit of anxiety.”

Elliott’s feelings about coming out

Elliott feels anxious about being vulnerable and revealing his true identity. “You feel like you’ve lived two to three different lives in front of folks and they’re finding out the real one,” says Elliott during the show. “And it makes me even more nervous if they’re going to like that one.”

Greg says Elliott didn’t tell his family they were dating until four years into their relationship. He describes this as a “huge step” for him. A big concern for Greg is that coming out could negatively affect his relationship with Elliott, since he’s still unsure of whether he wants to let people know he’s gay.

Greg meets with a GLAAD executive

Greg continues his push for advocacy by meeting with Anthony Ramos, vice president of communications and talent at GLAAD. He tells Anthony that his father encouraged him to be an activist so he could be instrumental in helping others and lifting them up.

Anthony suggests a good way for Greg to come out would be to post a video. Elliott, although he is nervous, agrees to appear in the video with him. He says coming out could help people like him who come from a similar background.

Greg and Elliott take the plunge and post their video. They talk about how they want to share information about stigma and mental health in the gay community. They also announce they’re gay. Their main message was that everyone can do their part to combat discrimination against members of the LGTQ community.

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