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Chip Gaines is the treasured star of Fixer Upper and along with his wife, Joanna Gaines, has made magic. The couple has become so powerful and successful in business they are also running their own television network they aptly named Magnolia Network. Chip and Joanna give back to their community and the former recently took on a challenge that has many proud — running a marathon.

Chip Gaines smiling, long hair, and a button up navy shirt
Chip Gaines | Nathan Congleton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Chip Gaines takes on a challenge

Taking on a marathon when you’re not a runner is a big challenge to take on but nothing is too big for Chip. Fans that have followed his journey on TV for years know that Chip is one to take on the biggest of challenges and make it nice. This is precisely what happened when Chip was presented with the opportunity to run for the Silo District Marathon. The Magnolia Instagram account shared how Chip got to “run with courage” back in 2018 and who pushed him to be the best.

“We run with courage. When @chipgaines met professional runner and rare cancer fighter Gabe Grunewald and decided to run his first marathon, he dared to face a distance that felt insurmountable,” read the Instagram post. “But Gabe’s belief in Chip pushed him forward, and the courage to never give up carried him to the end. This reminds us that we can do the same and chase the impossible.”

In another Instagram post, Magnolia shared why “we run with purpose,” and the inspiration that gives marathoners running.

“Everyone brings a purpose to the start line—a ‘why’ that keeps them moving when things get tough. This race has room for every kind of story: to make a new memory with someone you love, to chase an ambitious goal, to raise awareness for something you believe in, and everything in between. As powerful as crossing the finish line is, nothing beats a purpose fulfilled, and the growth that happens along the way,” read the Instagram post.

Fans cheer Chip Gaines in the marathon

The Silo District Marathon is being hosted from Apr. 22 through Apr. 24 in Waco, Texas. According to the website, there are three races that participants can take part in Kids Fun Run, 5K, Half Marathon, and Marathon. All the proceeds go to the Brave Like Gabe Foundation which supports rare cancer research.

As Chip and other people alike prepare for this year’s race, fans couldn’t help but cheer on the Magnolia Network star.

“Go, Chip, go!!!” a fan replied.

“Love this family !!! Great Americans !!!!!!!” a follower added.

“Way to go Chip! Praying for Gabe!” an Instagram user said.

“Chip we’re so proud of you,” another fan noted.

“So glad I got to participate in the very first one, ran a half marathon! Great cause, keep running chip!” another follower mentioned.

“Way to go Chip! Proud of you!” another Instagram user commented.


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Chip Gaines has a heart of gold

Chip is always looking for ways to help others and he recently made something major that no one ever thought possible — he cut his hair. It turns out that the Fixer Upper star had grown out his hair to donate it and raise money for St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

“I’m going to donate my hair to a great cause called Children with Hair Loss,” he said in a video on Instagram back in August 2021. “And they’ll turn my hair into a wig for kids going through cancer treatment.”

Chip completely shaved and shocked fans with his transformation at the time.