Mandy Moore Is Desperate To Have This One Drink After Pregnancy

This Is Us actor Mandy Moore just joined the slew of celebrities who are expecting babies in the coming months. However, pregnancy certainly comes with its challenges.

While Chrissy Teigen is currently hospitalized due to a weak placenta that has caused excessive bleeding, Moore can barely tolerate food at all. She said on Instagram. “I can’t look at food, I can’t smell food. I can’t think about food.” She even admitted that she sometimes asks her husband, musician Taylor Goldsmith, if he can go outside and eat.

Despite nausea and her aversions to food in general, there is one particular drink that Moore desperately misses. In fact, she has stated that she can’t wait to have it again once she gives birth.

Mandy Moore is expecting a baby boy

Moore and Goldsmith are expecting a baby boy in early 2021. The artists announced they were expecting in an adorable Instagram photo on Sept. 24. They shared the black and white snap of themselves embracing with their hands placed on Moore’s baby bump.

The photo was captioned, “Baby Boy Goldsmith coming early 2021” along with a blue heart emoji.

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Mandy Moore says ‘This is Us’ helped her prepare for motherhood

Though many of us were first introduced to Moore as a teen pop star, many others have become enamored with her as matriarch Rebecca Pearson on the hit NBC drama, This Is Us.

In fact, Moore says being on This Is Us has given her a glimpse into motherhood. During a 2017 interview with Conan O’Brien via Distractify she shared,

I didn’t know how to change a diaper. I had crew members showing me how to change a diaper. I mean, we get to hold these newborn children, and I can’t believe their parents were willing to hand over their babies to me. I’m like, ‘Hi, I’m Mandy. I have absolutely no experience with small children,’ and they’re like, ‘Here’s my two-week-old baby.’ I’m totally ready to have kids now.

Mandy Moore is desperate to drink coffee after pregnancy

Though Moore is back to work on the set of This Is Us and seems to be overjoyed about her pregnancy, The Princess Diaries actor is desperately missing her morning caffeine fix.

“Just sitting here thinking: will I ever enjoy coffee again?” Moore shared on Instagram. “It’s one of my major food aversions right now (and I know— probably for the best) but it makes me sad because I used to dream about coffee before bed.”

Thankfully, Moore fans cam through reassuring her that it was totally normal to find coffee intolerable during pregnancy. The singer/actor gushed,

I just woke up from a nap to many, many folks telling me it is not strange in fact to have a coffee aversion. Lots of ladies had coffee aversions during their pregnancy so I am not worried. I’m fully accepting that my love of coffee will come back. And if not, it’s all good. Small price to pay.

We’re just excited to see how they will write Moore’s pregnancy into this season of This Is Us.