‘Manifest’ Preview: Season 2 Episode 9 ‘Airplanes Bottles’

Each week on Manifestthe Flight 828 passengers get new information, revelations, and questions. Along for the ride is the audience, continually pondering what will come next. Season 2 Episode 9 is called ‘Airplanes Bottles.’ Typically, the title for each installment of Manifest has some significance, whether overt or obscure. The latest promo for the episode, ‘Airplanes Bottles,’ confirms that, as the title suggests, viewers can expect some eye-openers about Flight 828.

Manifest | James Dimmock/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Cal’s epiphany

The passengers appear to be closing in on finding the reason that their plane vanished. ‘Airplanes Bottles,’ and will deal, in part, with uncovering the mystery of the disappearing — and reappearing — Flight 828.

In the promo, a Calling awakens Cal. When his parents press him for details about his vision, he claims to have seen Flight 828 at the time of its disappearance.

“Do you know what happened to Flight 828?” Ben asks in the promo.

Since the beginning of the show, Cal has displayed a deep connection to the Callings, and he often makes prophetic statements or drawings. Will Cal give Ben and friends a definitive answer about what happened to them, where the plane went for five years, and how they returned agelessly?

Saanvi’s tabula rasa

In an episode of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer, called ‘Tabula Rasa,’ which means ‘Clean Slate’ in Latin, The Scoobies suffer from temporary amnesia. By the end of the episode, they regain their memories via magical means. In Manifest, Saanvi has begun to exhibit memory-loss, presumably as a side effect from the cure she tested on herself. Will she be as lucky as the Scooby Gang?

While she succeeded in removing her genetic anomaly — and her Callings — Saanvi also seems to have damaged her brain. The good doc can only hope that her impairment is temporary. Unfortunately, Saanvi doesn’t have the luxury of using magic like the heroes from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She must rely on science, which takes time.

Hopefully, ‘Airplanes Bottles’ will pick up with Saanvi’s search for a viable cure. In the previous episode, she was planning to test the serum on Zeke, who is desperate to beat his Death Date. But with her recent memory loss, the doctor may change her mind for fear that the cure would harm Zeke more than help him.

Olive’s mission

TVGuide.com reports that Episode 2 Season 9 of Manifest will find Olive researching the journal of Al-Zuras. The seemingly prophetic 16th-century text includes at least one present-day reference. In ‘Airplanes Bottles,’ Olive will likely look for answers about the mystery of Flight 828.

While Ben has been the primary puzzle-cracker in the show, Olive could provide new insights. In previous episodes, she worked closely with TJ to track down the journal, and she was along for the ride when her dad followed his Calling and, as a result, saved TJ’s life. As someone who was not on Flight 828 and does not share the Callings, her outside perspective could be a key to helping solve the mystery.

Michaela’s mess

In Manifest Season 2 Episode 8, ‘Carry On,’ Michaela discovered that Jared is in cahoots with The X’ers, a growing hate group targeting the 828ers. The Detective has been conspiring with the extremists and feeding them intel. Michaela calls in a favor to a judge, bugs the X’ers’ headquarters, and presents proof of Jared’s subterfuge to her superior, Captain Bowers.

At the end of the episode, Bowers breaks the news to Jared that he has been exposed by none other than Michaela – his ex-lover, ex-partner, and ex-friend. What happens next doesn’t play out as one would expect.

Funnily enough, Bowers doesn’t seem surprised by Jared’s involvement with the X’ers. What’s more, according to TVGuide.com, in the episode, Michaela — not Jared — may end up in some hot water at work. Does this mean that Bowers is also a part of the hate group, or could Jared be working undercover to destroy them from the inside, leaving Michaela as collateral damage?

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