‘Manifest’: Questions We Have About Season 2 Episode 8 ‘Carry On’

Manifest put viewers through the emotional wringer in Season 2 Episode 8 ‘Carry On.’ In the aftermath of the nightclub fire, the Flight 828 passengers and their loved ones had to pick up the pieces and — as the title of the episode indicates — ‘Carry On.’ Unfortunately, the characters do not have the luxury of taking a breather, and neither do fans, who are left with more questions.

Manifest | Peter Kramer/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Does TJ have a divine purpose?

‘Carry On’ centers primarily around Olive’s grief from losing TJ in the nightclub fire in the previous episode. In Season 2 Episode 7, aptly titled ‘Emergency Exit,’ TJ sacrificed his safety to protect Olive. Before Ben could go back into the burning building to help him, the club exploded. TJ was presumed dead, and Michaela confirmed his demise upon discovering Olive’s bracelet in the clutches of a charred body.

In ‘Carry On,’ Ben focuses on helping Olive through her pain. Olive accompanies her father to a Buddhist center, which he had been led to by the chants of a Calling. The daddy-daughter duo decides to say a proper goodbye to TJ by way of Buddhist traditions. Before they can leave, Ben hears more chanting, which Olive urges him to follow, as she sticks by his side.

The voices lead Ben to underground tunnels where he and Olive hear a faint voice calling for help. Low and behold, it’s TJ, who had also followed voices – likely a Calling — and took cover in the underground tunnels during the fire. His injuries had rendered him unable to climb back out. By the time Ben and Olive find the young man, he is pretty banged up, dehydrated, and likely traumatized, but still alive.

The fire took six victims, but TJ miraculously escaped. Could the series of events that led to TJ’s near-death and subsequent rescue be a part of a higher plan? Will his rescue be seen as a miracle to the zealots who worship the 828ers? Fans will have to wait to see what happens in the coming episodes

Will Saanvi give Zeke the cure?

Previously on Manifest, Saanvi performed experiments on herself in order to produce a cure for the DNA anomaly that causes psychic Callings for 828ers. After many failed trials, she successfully eradicated the abnormal genetic marker, effectively ending her Callings.

In ‘Carry On,’ Zeke visits Saanvi to get her medical opinion on his frostbite symptoms. Saanvi confesses that she tested the cure on herself, and it seems to have worked so far. With his Death Date only six months away, Zeke pleads with her to give him the cure. She agrees to assess his viability to receive the treatment, and to administer it to him if he passes all tests. Zeke leaves the hospital filled with hope, but by the end of ‘Carry On,’ the other shoe drops.

Is Saanvi’s cure dangerous?

Saanvi’s discovery of the cure initially appeared to be good news. With the anomaly and Callings gone, the doctor also possibly erased the Death Date, thus giving her hope of extending the natural lifespans of the rest of the Flight 828 passengers.

In ‘Carry On,’ Saanvi runs into an old flame, Alex, in the park. They share a spontaneous kiss before parting ways. Later, when Alex visits Saanvi to tell her it was a mistake, the doc has no recollection of the kiss or anything else that happened earlier that day. It appears that Saanvi is suffering from amnesia.

Is Saanvi’s condition a coincidence, or is memory loss a side effect of the cure? If amnesia is a side effect, will Saanvi have to start over with formulating a new serum, or can she revise the current formula to produce an effective treatment? Is her forgetfulness reversible, or could it be degenerative? Will other side effects surface, or is amnesia the worst of it? Alas, fans will have to chew on these questions for a little longer as Saanvi works to find answers in the coming weeks.

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