‘Manifest’ Season 3 Fan Theory Suggests [SPOILER]’s Necklace Might Be a Lifesaver

The jewelry in Manifest might represent more than simple costume designer choices. According to a fan theory, there’s one necklace that appears consistently throughout most episodes of NBC‘s missing plane drama. If Manifest returns for season 4, the accessory could play a major role in saving someone’s life. Here’s why.

[Spoiler alert: The following story contains major spoilers for Manifest Season 3.]

Manifest stars Athena Karkanis as Grace and Luna Blaise as Olive
‘Manifest’ stars Athena Karkanis as Grace Stone and Luna Blaise as Olive Stone | Peter Kramer/NBC

Sapphire has played a significant role in ‘Manifest’ Season 3

Manifest Season 3 strongly emphasizes the idea that divine power could be the cause of Flight 828’s disappearance. Passengers Ben Stone (played by Josh Dallas), Cal Stone (Jack Messina), and Saanvi Bahl (Parveen Kaur) discover several links between Flight 828, the callings, and biblical symbols, including sapphire.

Determined to discover the truth about the missing plane, Saanvi continues her studies at the government facility known as Eureka. By season 3 episode 7, she reaches a breakthrough. Saanvi finds traces of sapphire in multiple subjects: Ben’s hand, the Flight 828 tailfin, and the three “meth heads” (Pete, Kory, and Jace). And what is the connection between these subjects? They were all “returned” after an unexplained disappearance.

The exact significance of the sapphire has yet to be explained, but it’s worth noting that the jewel holds significance in religion and mythology. In a biblical sense, sapphire symbolizes divinity and is often associated with God’s power. In addition, it’s believed to bring good fortune.

As Dr. Gupta (Mahira Kakkar) suggests in season 3, the sapphire found in the Flight 828 passengers might be a “signature” from God, which would mean the disappearance was actually God’s work. Additionally, Saanvi found traces of sapphire in 6,000-year-old driftwood believed to come from Noah’s Ark. This could suggest that Noah’s Ark and Flight 828 shared the same fate.

A ‘Manifest’ fan theory suggests Grace’s sapphire necklace will play an important role

Sapphire appears elsewhere in Manifest Season 3, right in plain sight: Grace’s necklace. On Reddit, an eagle-eyed fan pointed out that Grace frequently wears a blue stone surrounded by silver around her neck. Upon closer inspection, the fan realized Grace wore the very same jewel that played such a significant role in Flight 828’s mystery.

“As a lover of jewelry, I couldn’t help but notice Grace’s necklace right off the bat. And I saw how she kept wearing it all the damn time, episode after episode, season after season,” the fan wrote. “With the revelation made at Eureka, it became apparent that her always being shown wearing it wasn’t the costume department being lazy. Her necklace features a large sapphire stone!”

Manifest‘s creators might have just used Grace’s necklace as an Easter egg to foreshadow the significance of sapphire. However, given the show’s motto, “It’s all connected,” it wouldn’t come as a surprise to see the necklace play a big role later.

Will the necklace save Grace’s life?


Manifest Season 3 ends with a shocking twist: Grace’s death. Angelina (Holly Taylor) kills Grace to get to baby Eden, whom Angelina believes is her guardian angel. But wait, what did Grace wear at the time of her death? That’s right — the sapphire necklace.

If the healing and protective powers of sapphire are true, could that mean Grace will be resurrected? The jewel seems to work in mysterious ways. Unfortunately, with the future of Manifest hanging in the balance, all fans can do for now is speculate and hope that Grace pulls through in season 4.

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