Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd’s Wedding Officiant Hilariously Misspoke While Marrying Them

Maren Morris and husband Ryan Hurd have a way with words. They’re both singer-songwriters and the duo makes up one of country music’s hottest couples. 

When they got married in Nashville in March 2018, their wedding officiant had a funny misspeak that both the bride and groom said “fit” with their humor.

Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd
Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd | Taylor Hill/Getty Images

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Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd were married by a friend

Leading up to their wedding, Morris and her hubby wrote their wedding vows in the week leading up to their nuptials in a bar, she on her laptop and he on his notepad. They didn’t reveal those vows until the day of their wedding. 

When it came time to put rings on each other’s fingers, their friend and wedding officiant had a hilarious gaffe.

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The groom said in an interview, “Our officiant was our best friend, which helps. She had a bit of a slip and she was really, really nervous. She said ‘in thickness and in health,’ which is pretty funny.” The bride chimed in with, “Yeah, that still holds up.”

At least it wasn’t their pastor who flubbed the line, and the couple can look back with fond memories of that day and laugh with their best friend. They were married in March 2018 in Nashville. The couple welcomed a son, Hayes, two years later.

Since then, it’s been nowhere but up for Morris and Hurd.

Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd have been married for four years, parents for two years

The busy parents of Hayes Andrew Hurd are both touring in fall 2022, Morris on her Humble Quest tour and Hurd in support of his debut solo album Pelago. Morris has a special passenger on her tour bus, and she reads a bedtime story to her little boy every night before bed.

When both tours wrap in October, Hayes will get both of his parents all to himself until January 2023 when Morris goes to Orlando, Florida, as a headliner for the 2023 Hilton Grand Tournament of Champions Concert Series alongside En Vogue and Ellie Goulding, according to Business Wire.

Music and family haven’t been the only thing on the minds of the Hurd household.

Maren Morris raised $100K for trans organizations in a single day

Morris has also been raising money in support of two transgender organizations, Trans Lifeline and the GLAAD Transgender Media Program, according to Taste of Country. The fundraiser started on Sept. 2 and raised more than $100,000 in a single day.

The aim was simple. Fans could purchase T-shirts on Maren Morris’ website that say “Lunatic Country Music Person” followed the phone number 877-565-8860, a peer and support crisis hotline for transgender youth.

The saying displayed on the T-shirt stems from Fox News host Tucker Carlson calling Morris a “lunatic” for criticizing Jason Aldean’s wife Brittany after she made transphobic comments on Instagram regarding the parents of transgender youth. 

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