Margot Robbie Had a Hilarious Honeymoon Run-In With Barack Obama and Ellen DeGeneres

One might think of Margot Robbie as the type who is too famous to get starstruck. After all, she’s an Oscar-nominated actress who, at just 30 years old, already has more accolades than the average actress of her stature could ever dream of. She’s also worked with many of the biggest names in the business.

However, just because Robbie is an A-Lister, it doesn’t mean she’s always the most famous person in the room. She recalled the story of the first time she met Ellen DeGeneres (and former president Barack Obama) on the comedian’s talk show. 

Margot Robbie at a glance

Margot Robbie
Margot Robbie | VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images

According to her IMDB page, Robbie spent several years on the long-running Aussie soap opera Neighbours before Martin Scorsese called and changed her life forever.

Since her American breakout in the Wolf of Wall StreetRobbie has firmly secured her spot on Hollywood’s A-List. From Oscar-nominated roles in Bombshell and I, Tonya to a slew of comic movies, Robbie is one of the most famous up-and-comers on the planet. 

Despite the fame, however, Robbie still makes time to live like an average person. She recalled her honeymoon to DeGeneres on 

Who is Margot Robbie’s husband, Tom Ackerley

Tom Ackerley is not a household name the way his wife is. According to Oprah Magazine, the pair have been going strong for many years. While they do not hide their feelings for one another, however, Robbie and Ackerley keep personal details minimal.

They met when Ackerley, who also acts on top of working in the film industry, was an assistant director in Robbie’s Suite Francoise. 

The pair enjoys a shockingly low-profile relationship. While they make no qualms about their love for one another, they also don’t make it a point to use their relationship as publicity. The couple now resides in Los Angeles despite their shared Australian origins.

Talking about their honeymoon, however, Robbie revealed that while they tried to keep it private, a pair of A-Lister’s happened to be there simultaneously. 


According to an anecdote shared by Rolling Stone, Robbie and Ackerley were celebrating their honeymoon by basking in the anonymity of an exclusive resort. After several days alone, the pair decided to go to a hotel gym. This was when things got a little strange. She recalled when she met DeGeneres and the former president in an appearance on the former’s show. 

“I’m scared because my husband’s going to kill me for telling this story, but it’s my favorite story ever and it’s the story of how Ellen and I met,” Robbie told DeGeneres (per Rolling Stone). “We get there but it’s raining, and we’re like – oh, we by the way, look disgusting because we hadn’t seen our reflection for four days…”

The pair made a decision that would change their lives or at least provide a memorable story. 

“We get changed to go to the gym, and Tom puts on these shorts that are like, his oldest gym shorts, and they’re tiny,” Robbie said (per Rolling Stone. “I was like, ‘Babe, you cannot wear those shorts … I can see everything.’ And he was like, ‘Oh, c’mon. Who are we going go to run into?'”

The answer was a former president and one of the most famous comedians and talk show hosts on the planet. At the same resort as Robbie and Ackerland, DeGeneres, her wife Portia de Rossi, and former president Barack Obama, who was using the resort as a getaway to write his book. 

According to Robbie, Obama, DeGeneres, de Rossi, and Ackerley spent the next few hours together. What could have been an embarrassing moment was a funny anecdote that made Robbie a little more relatable to the average fan. Now, it’s a funny story, but it goes to show that even A-list actors get starstruck and embarrassed when they run into others in the wild.