Marilyn Manson Sold His 2,711-Square-Foot LA Home for $1.8 Million

Marilyn Manson was born Brian Hugh Warner on January 5, 1969. Since then, he’s become a controversial singer, songwriter, actor, painter, and writer. In the ’90s, he released top-selling albums like Portrait of an American Family, Antichrist Superstar, and Mechanical Animals. Contentious or not, no one can deny his success.

Therefore, when Manson’s LA home hit the market in October 2021, it wasn’t a surprise to learn it was picked up quickly. However, the actual purchase price did surprise a few people, bringing in more than the asking price.

Marilyn Manson’s extraordinary 2,711-square-foot home

Singer Marilyn Manson performs on Day 2 of the 2019 Aftershock Music Festiva
Marilyn Manson performs in 2019 | Steve Jennings/WireImage

Manson’s Spanish-style estate has three bedrooms and three baths, according to Variety. Small by some standards, one look inside proves that this 1926 home is anything but tiny and far from simple.

It has massive 20-foot ceilings, a newly updated kitchen, a formal dining room, and plenty of space for entertaining guests. There is also a home gym and a library with built-in cabinetry. The older style of the home gives it plenty of character. There are spiral staircases, a huge living room, and decks on each of the three levels.

Outside the main home, there are lush, private grounds, a swimming pool, and trails that allow you to wander around the property.

Why Manson’s impressive home sold for more than expected

Manson bought this house in 2013 for $1,085,000. It is located in Hollywood Hills and where Manson has lived for most of his life. Therefore, many were surprised when he put his home up for sale and moving trucks arrived.

According to People, the home was first listed on the market in early October 2021 with a list price of $1,750,000. Just over a month later, the mansion sold for $1,835,000. There is no current word on where he may be moving to next, but this is not the first time he sold a home in the area.

In 2015, he sold a Mediterranean-style home in Chatsworth, California, for $1,100,000. It was a sprawling 4,484 square feet and had five bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms. There are rumors that he sold the home in the aftermath of school shootings in Columbine because of heat regarding his music and its potentially negative influence.

Why did Manson sell his LA home?

Earlier this year, there were rumors of someone calling out from Manson’s house, which prompted a wellness check to be called to his home. He did not answer, but a representative of his said he was fine and there wasn’t anything going on.

However, according to People, Manson’s abrupt sale came at the end of allegations of sexual assault and physical abuse. There are currently three charges pending with approximately 15 women who have publicly accused Manson of forcing them to do things that may not have been consensual.

Manson has denied the allegations, claiming that intimate relationships were always consensual and with like-minded partners.  He has also stated that the claims against him are “horrible distortions of reality.” However, his ex-girlfriends Ashley Morgan Smithline and Esme Bianco are among two of the people claiming otherwise. The third woman is Evan Rachel Wood, a three-time Golden Globe nominee.

At the time of the home’s listing, the charges were still pending against Manson. Another claim by “Jane Doe” has officially been dismissed due to the statute of limitations expiring before charges were brought up.

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