Mario Lopez’s Ex Says ‘Tiger Woods Situation’ Ended Their Marriage

Mario Lopez and Ali Landry, an actor and former Miss USA, were married and later divorced in 2004. Landry says she’s happy her marriage to the Saved by the Bell star didn’t last. According to her, he cheated on her and she discovered he was involved in what she describes as a “Tiger Woods situation.”

Ali Landry says Mario Lopez cheated on her in a ‘Tiger Woods situation’

Ali Landry and Mario Lopez pose on the red carpet.
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During an interview with Lacey Leone McLaughlin on the Unfolding Leadership podcast, Landry speaks about her marriage to Lopez and why the relationship ended so quickly. She says the actor was cheating on her with many women.

“I was in a relationship with Mario Lopez,” says Landry. “And we had dated for eight-plus years. Oprah filmed the wedding. Not even a week [after the wedding], I found out it was like a Tiger Woods situation. It was cheating across the board with some women for one year, some women for two years. I thought to myself, ‘How did I miss this?’ Then I looked at myself and thought, ‘How did I even end up with a person like that?’”

Landry says the situation was “devastating.” After the incident, she decided she would live her life “in full awareness” and “take the blinders off.” Landry mentions that earlier in her career she was a people pleaser, and she did what she was told without questioning it. She says this behavior seeped into her personal relationships. Landry says she didn’t want to be that type of person anymore.

“I made a commitment that moving forward, I was going to take the blinders off, and I was going to walk through my life in full awareness and really be aware of my choices, and those choices were going to represent who I was as a person,” she tells McLaughlin. “[I made this choice] with everything, not just the person that I chose but also with my career. And that was the biggest shift in my life.”

Ali Landry is thankful for the experience she had with Mario Lopez

Landry says she’s thankful for what allegedly happened between her and Lopez. She says the situation changed the way she approaches life. “I look back on that situation, which was horrible, and I thank God every single day because it changed me as a woman. It changed the way I walk through this world. I am so much better because that happened. I am forever grateful for that.”

Landry says from then on she began to “take ownership” of her career. She went on to start her own companies and products. She decided not to wait for an agent or manager to bring her a project. Instead, she became proactive about the projects she wanted to work on. “That’s when I produced a show, that’s when I started a children’s clothing line, and I’ve started doing these little businesses and different things along the way while still working as an actress and a host,” adds Landry.

The important life lesson Ali Landry learned

Landry says she learned that if an area of your life isn’t working the way you want it, it’s time for a change. “If you’re not satisfied with an area of your life, or a relationship, or your work, you have to do that work to figure out why you’re there and where you want to go,” says Landry during McLaughlin’s podcast. “So tap into your mindset, your heartset, your soulset, and your healthset, to really create a true and lasting reshape. I truly believe you should live a life you’re passionate about.”

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