Mark Hamill Said He Didn’t Want To Share Carrie Fisher With Harrison Ford: ‘The Moments I Remember Were When I Had Her All To Myself’

As it turns out, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, and Harrison Ford had a bit of a love triangle going on while filming Star Wars. Although Hamill was unaware of it at the time, Fisher and Ford had an ongoing affair off-screen. Meanwhile, Hamill said he was attracted to Fisher, and he longed for the moments when they were alone together. 

“I didn’t want to share her with Harrison,” Hamill confessed. “I didn’t want to share her with anybody!”

Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford
Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford | Denver Post via Getty Images

What happened during Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford’s affair?

Fisher and Ford’s short-lived romance began at George Lucas’s 32nd birthday party. After the celebration, they made out in the back of his studio car, according to Fisher’s 2016 memoir. And although Ford was already married at the time, Fisher fell in love with her co-star. 

“Harrison was on his lickety-split way to being pretty much everything to me,” she wrote. “He would all too soon become the center of my off-center, kilter-free world.” 

Yet sadly, Ford didn’t return her feelings of affection. 

“I’m sure that on our relative lists of priorities as we went about filming, I might have ranked as high as number fifteen on his agenda, while Harrison was my number one,” she said. 

But even though Ford didn’t return her feelings, someone else did. Hamill admits that he and Fisher were attracted to each other while filming Star Wars and that a part of him “did fall in love” with Fisher.

Mark Hamill wanted Carrie Fisher all to himself and he didn’t want to share her with Harrison Ford

During a 2017 panel dedicated to Fisher, Hamill admitted that he had feelings for his co-star. “A part of me did fall in love with her,” he confessed. “I think every guy that she met- You know, she had you under her spell.”

And because of his crush on Fisher, he didn’t want to share her with his castmates.

“The moments that I remember were when I had her to myself,” he reveals during the panel. “Like that Saturday where Terry O’Neil took all those pictures, the one where I’m holding the lightsaber and holding her, and she’s the damsel in distress… It was all day long. We had an 8 am call, and we shot until 6 pm, and she was all mine. I didn’t want to share her with Harrison. I didn’t want to share her with anybody!”

Mark Hamill discusses Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford’s affair

In an interview with The Guardian, Hamill admits that he had no idea about Fisher and Ford’s affair while filming Star Wars. And although he finds it “hilarious” now, he acknowledges that this information would have hurt him in the past. 


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“I’m glad I didn’t know before, as it probably really would have affected me,” he confessed. “By the time I found out, I just thought it was hilarious. But you know men – even if we don’t want to have a relationship, it’s just in our nature to jockey for affection.”