Mark Ruffalo Wants a Sequel To ’13 Going on 30′, ‘Maybe 50 Going on 80?’

Mark Ruffalo and Jennifer Garner haven’t appeared in a movie together in 18 years. Netflix’s The Adam Project is reuniting the pair for the first time since Ruffalo and Garner played a charming couple in 13 Going on 30 (2004). Even 18 years later, the film remains popular with many passionate fans and Mark Ruffalo says that he would support a sequel being made at some point.

‘13 Going on 30’ stole the hearts of audiences back in 2004

Mark Ruffalo discusses a sequel for 13 Going on 30 at the premiere for The Adam Project
Mark Ruffalo and Shawn Levy | Dia Dipasupil/FilmMagic

Directed by the late Gary Winick, 13 Going on 30 stars Garner as Jenna, a 13-year-old girl who dreams of being popular. After being humiliated by her classmates on her birthday, Jenna wishes to be 30 years old. When she wakes up, her wish has come true, and now she has to navigate being an adult with more freedom, but more responsibilities. 

The film was a success with both critics and audiences and it ended up being a box office success. According to Box Office Mojo, 13 Going on 30 made $96.5 million worldwide on a $37 million budget. 

The romantic comedy continues to be one that gains new fans and part of the reason is the charming romance between Ruffalo and Garner. The two play childhood friends who become a married couple by the end of the film.

Mark Ruffalo wants a sequel to ‘13 Going on 30’

Ruffalo says that he is interested in a possible sequel for this romcom. Speaking with Access Hollywood at the premiere for The Adam Project, the Thor: Ragnarok star says that he and Garner have discussed this idea, but it would most likely have a different title considering how long it has been since the first. 

“Jen and I have been talking about this and anyone in Hollywood who wants to jump on this,” Ruffalo said. “ I do think it’s time for a sequel to what happens. Maybe ’50 going on 80?’”

The stars have been asked before about a possible sequel, however, nothing has been in the works. In a 2019 appearance on Good Morning America, Garner shot down the idea of a sequel relatively fast. 

“What, like 15 going on 50?” Garner joked. “Let’s simmer down and then let’s leave well enough alone.”

Garner and Ruffalo are reuniting as a married couple in ‘The Adam Project’

In The Adam Project, Garner and Ruffalo play a married couple named Louie and Ellie and are parents to Adam (Walker Scobell). Adam is later visited by a future version of himself played by Ryan Reynolds, who recruits him for a great adventure. 

Ruffalo and Garner both appeared on Good Morning America and discussed the film along with reuniting for the first time since 13 Going on 30. Garner says that the chemistry they had 18 years ago carries over to their relationship in The Adam Project

“We feel like the history of Matt and Jenna and all the sweet love that people give ’13 Going on 30′ really adds to the feeling of the movie,” Garner said. 

Ruffalo added that he doesn’t want to go another 18 years without working with Garner and he wants to make it an annual thing.

“No, we’re done. It’s over,” Ruffalo teases. “This is going to be a yearly thing.”

The Adam Project debuts on Netflix on March 11. 

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