A New Mark Wahlberg Movie Could Include a Biopic of a Boston Sports Legend ‘In the Near Future’

Mark Wahlberg has taken his notoriety to another level with his movie career after becoming famous for leading the musical group Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch and modeling for Calvin Klein. One of Wahlberg’s first movies came in the Oscar-nominated Boogie Nights opposite Julianne Moore, Burt Reynolds, John C. Reilly, and others, and he’s hardly paused since.

Wahlberg broke a cardinal rule by financing his latest film, Father Stu, in which he plays a boxer-turned-priest. It’s not the first time he’s played an athletic character in a movie with sports ties, and Wahlberg teased a big role in a potential sports biopic while promoting Father Stu.

Mark Wahlberg attends a screening of his movie 'Father Stu' in Boston on April 5, 2022.
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Wahlberg teases Bill Belichick biopic ‘in the near future’

Wahlberg has acted in dozens of movies since he made his big-screen debut with a small role in 1994’s Renaissance Man. Taking time off isn’t in his DNA. So it’s not surprising that he teased a potential new project while promoting Father Stu.

At an April 5, 2002, screening, Wahlberg teased a Bill Belichick biopic film coming “in the near future,” according to CBS Boston affiliate WBZ. He previously told WBZ he hoped to star in a Tom Brady movie, first saying he could play Brady’s uncle before saying he would love to play Belichick. The initial comments came soon after Brady’s brief 2022 retirement. Now, it seems a Bill Belichick movie could be a real possibility, at least according to Wahlberg.

Belichick and Brady were the longtime coach-quarterback tandem that delivered unparalleled NFL success to the New England Patriots. As a native of the Dorchester neighborhood in Boston, Wahlberg has deep knowledge about the team’s history and would absolutely crush it as Belichick.

If the Belichick movie comes to pass, it wouldn’t be the first sports movie of Wahlberg’s career.

Other Wahlberg movies focus on sports and athletes

Wahlberg plays a failed boxer who enters the priesthood in Father Stu. The movie focuses less on boxing and more on drama, but Wahlberg has a few sports-heavy films on his resume.

He played the lead role in 2006’s Invincible, which tells the true story of Vince Papale, who attended a tryout and earned a spot on the Philadelphia Eagles’ roster.

Wahlberg starred as boxer Micky Ward in The Fighter, which earned critical acclaim and supporting actor Academy Awards for Christian Bale and Melissa Leo. He also lost $500,000 playing the role since he spent personal money to pay trainers that made his boxing moves look as real as possible.

If Wahlberg plans to suit up as Belichick, he needs to find some time in his schedule first.

He has other projects in the works before he can think about a Belichick movie

Mark Wahlberg and Kevin Hart get slimed at the 2014 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards, and they star together in the 2022 Netflix film 'Me Time.'
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Having Wahlberg work on a Belichick or Brady movie won’t be as easy as snapping his fingers. In addition to scouting filming locations, completing a script, and casting roles, Wahlberg needs to find time in his schedule to make the movie.

According to his IMDb page, Wahlberg is currently shooting Our Man in Jersey with Halle Berry, and he’s signed on to play Steve Austin in The Six Billion Dollar Man, which is in pre-production. Wahlberg serves as producer on both movies, and he also has upcoming producer credits on the Julius Caesar origin story The Roman and an untitled basketball movie.

Me Time with Wahlberg and Kevin Hart

Walhberg’s work as an actor and producer gives him a large net worth

Most of Walhberg’s entertainment career includes movie roles or producer credits, including The Fighter and HBO shows such as Ballers, Boardwalk Empire, and Entourage. There’s plenty of money to be made in front of the camera and behind the scenes, and Wahlberg’s net worth proves it.

The entire Wahlberg clan earns money in the entertainment industry, including older brothers Donnie and Paul thanks to the restaurant/reality show Wahlburgers, but Mark takes it to another level.

Mark Wahlberg’s net worth is an estimated $300 million, compared to $25 million for Donnie. Mark also has his older brother beat when it comes to entertainment award wins.

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