Mark Wahlberg’s Gave Hilarious Advice to ‘Spenser Confidential’ Co-Star Post Malone

Mark Wahlberg is best known these days for breaking out from his massively famous family and becoming extremely successful in the acting world. His past, however, was not always so wholesome, and it’s that experience he called upon when he lightheartedly (but also kind of seriously) gave his Spenser Confidential co-star Post Malone some advice about his tattoos. 

Let’s take a closer look at what Wahlberg had to say and whether the “White Iverson” singer is likely to take the advice. 

Mark Wahlberg used to be known as “Marky Mark” and had a criminal past

Wahlberg broke onto the entertainment scene as “Marky Mark,” a rapper and frontman for the group Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. He was inspired by his brother Donnie Wahlberg’s immense success as one of the members of New Kids on the Block, and he certainly needed a better place to focus his attention. 

That’s because his years prior to rapping had been filled with criminal activity. By the age of 14, Wahlberg had dropped out of school and was living on the streets. He was known for allegedly violent fighting and selling drugs. Within a couple of years, he was at the center of a racially-motivated attack on a Vietnamese man. He spent 45 days in prison for the crime, and he called the event a “turning point” for his young life. It’s when he emerged that he started rapping, and he would soon turn his success into a lucrative acting career. 

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Post Malone is facing criticism for his own questionable actions

There are some parallels between Post Malone and Wahlberg’s lives. Both started out in the music scene when they were only young teenagers and later made the transition into film. In fact, they recently worked together on the film Spenser Confidential, a Netflix original that features both men playing imprisoned convicts before Wahlberg’s character is released and becomes an underworld crime fighter. 

Recently, though, Post Malone’s behavior at concerts has fans worrying that he is using drugs. While he assured fans that isn’t the case, many remain unconvinced. He also made the questionable decision to wrap up 2019 with a new face tattoo. This brings the musician’s total tattoo count to above 50, and the prominent ink of a medieval gauntlet takes up most of the right side of his face. 

Mark Wahlberg warned Post Malone tattoo removal is going to hurt

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Wahlberg knows a thing or two about making poor tattoo decisions. There was a time when he was heavily inked himself, but as his image changed and he matured, he made the painful decision to get the tattoos removed. He wanted to have them off of his body in time to film The Fighter, but dermatologists recommended a slow procedure that would take up to seven years. Instead, he went with a much more expedited ā€” and painful ā€” approach.

He said that getting the tattoos removed was much more painful than getting them in the first place. He described the process as “hot bacon grease getting flicked on you over and over again.”

It was with this memory in mind that Wahlberg had some advice for Post Malone. “Eventually he’s gonna want to remove his and it’s gonna be painful,” Wahlberg said about his co-star’s face tattoos. One can only imagine that the process of having tattoos removed from the face (a delicate and sensitive part of the body) would be an even more excruciating process. 

Of course, it’s possible that Post Malone will never have any desire to remove his ink. If he does, however, Wahlberg is certain he’s in for an unpleasant experience.