‘Marriage Boot Camp’ Episode 2 Recap: Hazel-E Instigates Drama With Tahiry Jose

Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition picked things right up with episode 2. Relationships continued to deteriorate so they can later be built back up in the show, but some cast members found it hard to be polite toward one another.

With all these different personalities under one roof, there was bound to be some friction, but the pettiness kicked in on the Jul 9 episode of Marriage Boot Camp. Here’s a recap.

Tahiry Jose
Tahiry Jose | Jim Spellman/Getty Images

The couples have rap battles

Tahiry and Vado start the day still arguing about the thirst bucket comment, so things are little icy. Phaedra Parks and Tahiry have a moment and chat about her celibacy.

Parks says she wants to make sure she doesn’t “come out on the losing side.” She brings up her painful divorce. She insists Medina hasn’t done anything or “paid the deductible” to earn sex from her, but Tahiry encourages her to try out the goods.

Dr. Ish then walks in to set the couples up for an exercise. Each person must list the main issues they resent their partner for. Toni said she misses Ricardo — the kinder version of Kurupt — who was in rehab for 3 months. She also complains his friends steal from the house.

All the men wrote their ladies have attitudes, but the other issues varied. The assignment is to write a rap song about your mate’s bad traits, then battle each other.

Tahiry and Vado trade bars and it starts out sweet and lovey. But by the end, Vado feels insulted when she says she needs a man, not a boy. He feels extra emasculated when she attacks his bank account. “You’re probably one of the brokest guys I’ve been with.”

Hazel-E and De’Von are up next. She says she doesn’t want to slaughter him in battle, but Twitter fans are not feeling her rhymes about wanting to give up and a pre-nup. De’Von got her with his lines about her holding grudges and not listening to him.

Willie kicks off his rap battle with Shanda by saying he wants his feelings considered. Shanda says she wants to be romanced, but Willie wants less “lip” and more partnership.

Medina raps about sleeping with Phaedra and said on the inside, he feels like he’s in The Notebook. Aw. Phaedra wants him to work for the pie, but she loves how he rocked the mic. Making one of her signature faces, she says, “I like this Medina.”

Expectations are high for Kurupt but he rapped off beat and disappointed the crowd. Toni challenges him and says he’s not “gangsta” but a “pranksta.” He gives her props.

Hazel-E picks a petty fight with Tahiry, the couples pick up hammers

While on a group lunch break, Hazel calls Tahiry out about having her blouse open and showing her lace bra in front of other men. She scolds her and says that’s why Vado has a problem.

Tahiry and Phaedra threw it back at Hazel telling her she’s wearing a wrestling outfit. Hazel storms off and tells Vado that Tahiry is exposing her breasts.

He sounds off in the confessional and says he wants his girl to have class. He’s heated and keeps that same energy for the next challenge.

Dr. Ish prepares the next game. Their resentments are written on a board and each couple has a hammer to smash them. They get to work.

Tahiry and Vado smash everything except the word “insecurity.” Vado has a big issue with Tahiry mothering him. Hazel and De’Von tear the whole board up. Medina hits the words “no sex” and “no consideration,” while Phaedra goes for “uncertainty.”

Willie hits a few words while Shanda knocks the entire board out going after “unwanted.” We learn he cheated the first month they were married.

Toni releases her hammer wrath on “falling off the wagon,” and Kurupt goes “Thor” on the issue on the board and throws the hammer. That prompts a director to come out and check him because he could have injured someone. He’s cut off and Dr. Ish warns him about his behavior.

Each couple learns on the flip side of those boards are their portraits. They’ve knocked out certain parts of themselves with the hammers, including their minds, hearts, mouths, or entire bond. They all see the problems reflected symbolically in the damaged photos — except for Kurupt. He’s angry.

Before heading back into the house, Dr. Ish has a side conversation with Kurupt about lowering his alcohol intake.

The judge speaks, Tahiry checks Hazel-E

Inside the house, Vado confronts Tahiry about the bra/breast thing Hazel-E told him about, and Vado says Hazel was looking out for him. They argue. Tahiry is not pleased that Vado is using something Hazel told him against her.

Everyone hits the boot camp room. Judge Toler finally comes out and schools everyone. She tells Hazel to let De’Von man up in his own way in his own time, and Hazel admits it’s something she’s never heard before.

Then the judge brings Willie to tears by reiterating his daughter will live the life he gives his wife. That cuts him. She believes these two will get it together.

Judge Toler turns her attention to Toni and Kurupt. She says if you come into a relationship broken, it doesn’t make a whole couple. Kurupt and Toni need to work on themselves as individuals. Toni cracks the viewers up when she says she doesn’t have anger issues and she walks around happy all the time.

The judge tells Ms. Parks she sees a boss, but she also sees fear. Bravery scares her. Is she willing to be frightened for Medina? Parks brings up her divorce again.

With Vado and Tahiry, Judge Toler says Vado doesn’t trust Tahiry’s love for him. She says he has to be all the way man for a strong woman.

She then challenges the men to tell each other where they need to make adjustments in their relationships. The same applies for the women.

At the end of the episode, Hazel and Tahiry get into it about their earlier spat about breasts and outfits. They eventually squash it and party. Then Toni comes down and points out Kurupt hasn’t eaten in 4 days. She tells him off about being a drunkard again.

Next week, a physical fight breaks out in the house between two of the men.

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