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Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition documents five celebrity couples trying to work through a variety of relationship issues. This season stars a number of high profile stars, many of whom are no stranger to reality television. There’s already been a major altercation between Willie Taylor and De’Von Waller. But a scene from an upcoming episode featuring Vado violently attacking his girlfriend Tahiry Jose has fans upset.

Tahiry Jose and Vado on 'Marriage Boot Camp'
Tahiry Jose and Vado on ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ via Twitter

Tahiry Jose and Vado on ‘Marriage Boot Camp’

Jose and Vado are both public figures. Jose is a former model and star of Love & Hip Hop New York. Vado is a rapper who’s with credits on songs featuring rapper Camron and DJ Kahled. The couple defines their relationship status as a “situationship.”
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The two are both Harlem natives who grew up together. After a 10 year friendship, they admit to becoming “friends with benefits. Both developed romantic feelings for one another but are having a difficult time navigating their relationship. It’s unclear how long they’ve been dating.

According to Vado, Jose has trust issues from previous relationships. Jose dated rapper turned podcast host, Joe Budden, on-and-off for almost a decade. She famously declined Budden’s extravagant proposal and the two split for good.

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Jose says Vado lacks maturity. She also accuses him of still having feelings for an ex. Another concern for Jose revolves around Vado’s finances. In one confessional, she says Vado is the “brokest” man she’s ever been with.

Vado often feels put down by Jose and accuses her of having a negative attitude. He confides in his ex about his relationship with Jose because he says he’s able to vent freely to her, which frustrates Jose. 

Clips of Vado violently attacking Tahiry Jose on ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ surfaces

In a clip for an upcoming episode of Marriage Boot Camp, Jose explains her frustrations over feeling like the villain in her relationship. Out of nowhere, Vado violent jumps up and chokes Jose, causing Dr. Ish to restrain him. The camera cuts to Jose who sits unphased with an embarrassed smirk on her face.

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Vado took to Instagram to blame editing for the clip, writing, “Nobody was hit.” In the clip, Vado accuses Jose of throwing apples at his head, causing his reaction.

Jose is still shaken by the experience as she explains in her Instagram post. She also denies the scene is poorly edited or scripted.

“Let me be CLEAR for all the people that are saying that this was “scripted” it is NOT! As a woman that has already suffered physical abuse at the hands of a man why would I ever want to relive that? There is no check big enough for me to EVER play like that,” she writes.

Fans react to Vado attacking Tahiry on ‘Marriage Boot Camp’

Until the clips airs, viewers are unsure of what led to the attack but they are not buying Vado’s account and are slamming him for putting his hands on a woman. Social media users question whether the attack is the first time Vado hit Jose.

“He was way too comfortable. This wasn’t the first time,” one commented on Instagram.

“Her reaction shows that this is normal behavior. But she will have to want to save herself first,” wrote another on Instagram.

“If that’s how he acts on camera I can imagine how he is behind closed doors,” another chimed in.

“Vado keep tryna justify why he gripped Tahiry up etc. sir she ain raise not 1 finger. You’re an woman beater, PeriodT. Too easy for you to get upset and go grab her like that,” one wrote on Twitter.

Vado is now apologizing for his actions, admitting he “lost his cool.”

Marriage Boot Camp airs on We TV on Thursday at 9 PM EST.