‘Marriage Boot Camp:’ Fans Say Tahiry Jose Is Also to Blame for Vado’s Explosive Moment

Reality star Tahiry Jose and her rapper boo Vado are on this season of Marriage Boot Camp. Fans of the reality show have been blasting Vado on social media in recent days over a clip of Vado becoming physical with Jose. The moment comes weeks after Willie Taylor and De’Von Waller’s blow up. But, fans say Vado’s behavior toward a woman is worse. Now, fan reactions are split, with many believing Jose’s actions led to Vado’s explosive moment.

Vado and Tahiry Jose on 'Marriage Boot Camp'
Vado and Tahiry Jose on ‘Marriage Bootcamp’ via Twitter

Tahiry Jose and Vado’s fight on ‘Marriage Boot Camp’

Joe and Vado are participating in this season’s Marriage Boot Camp to set clear expectations for their relationship. The couple became “friends with benefits” after a 10-year friendship. They now define their relationship as a “situationship.”

Aside from issues setting relationship boundaries, Jose says she’s frustrated with Vado because he requires “mothering.” She also claims his financial situation is not the best. Jose says Vado is the “brokest man” she’s dated.

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Vado says Jose’s attitude is the issue. He complains of her yelling and belittling him.

During one exercise on the show, Dr. Ish provides the couples zappers with remotes to control each zapper. Each time a partner triggers the other by doing something disrespectful, the other partner has the right to press the zap button. The purpose of the exercise is to teach each partner the hurt their actions cause the other.

Jose grew more irritable throughout the day as Vado zapped her for yelling. At one point, she threw apples at his neck while screaming at him. She also removed the zapper and stopped participating in the exercise altogether. 

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While discussing the results with Dr. Ish, Vado jumps up and chokes. The episode ends with Vado being led into another room. It’s unclear if he’ll remain in the house as a preview reveals one partner will be evicted for threatening another.

Fans say Tahiry Jose is also to blame for the fight with Vado on ‘Marriage Boot Camp’

Ahead of the episode airing, only the clip of Vado jumping up to choke Jose was released. Fans were initially upset with Vado for his actions.

Many on social media believe Vado’s done similar acts in the past, especially because Jose’s response appears more lackadaisical than others expect.

“Her reaction shows that this is normal behavior. But she will have to want to save herself first,” one wrote in the comment section of Instagram.

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“If that’s how he acts on camera I can imagine how he is behind closed doors,” another chimed in.

Once the full altercation aired, reactions were more split with many believing Jose instigated the physical part. Still, Vado’s actions were not excused.

“Tahiry… geez. I don’t agree with Vado putting hands on her but I see how he snapped. Like DAMN he was over it, one Twitter user wrote.

“Vado was wrong but Tahiry is equally abusive… Her behavior was disgusting as well, wrote another.

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“I ain’t gon front Tahiry was outta line the whole day. She shouldn’t have taken the bracelet off & she fa sho shouldn’t have threw them apples at Vado. Vado shouldn’t have put his hands on her. They both was wrong as hell,” another wrote.

Jose and Vado both spoke out on Instagram ahead of the episode airing. Vado says he regrets his actions but cautions women to keep their hands to themselves. Jose requests privacy over the embarrassing moment.