‘Marriage Boot Camp’ Recap: Toni Goes Off on Kurupt During Puppet Therapy Session

After Vado was expelled from the house in the last episode of Marriage Boot Camp, Tahiry had to navigate her past traumas and bad relationships.

Though the other couples settled down by the end of the episode, Toni was about to pick a fight with Kurupt. Things pick up in this latest installment of the show and it didn’t end well. Here’s a recap.

Rapper Kurupt and Toni of Marriage Boot Camp
Rapper Kurupt and Toni | Michael Bezjian/Getty Images for RiverRock Films

Vado and Tahiry stay separated

While Dr. Ish is away speaking to Vado at his hotel, Hazel-E and De’Von head to the hospital; she’s bleeding again. Judge Toler sits down with Tahiry about Vado’s blow-up.

Dr. Ish reinforces to Vado that he should never put hands on a woman and makes him address the source of his rage. He links it to disrespect and feeling weak. Dr. Ish gives Vado a writing assignment that forces him to examine his behavior and come up with a legit apology.

Meanwhile back at the mansion, Toni and Kurupt are fighting about what she found in his phone. He insists it’s just business with this other woman, but Toni thinks he’s cheating.

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The couples talk intimacy in their first drill

Toni doesn’t want to do the exercise because she’s over Kurupt. But Dr. Ish asks for the group’s help in keeping Kurupt away from brown liquor, and they all agree to having it removed from the house. He tells Dr. Ish he’s OK with that, but he’s really not.

Dr. Ish leads the group outside and there’s a luxury spread of food and beverages. The drill is about sex in a truth-or-dare game format.

Shanda grabs a paper, “Go dance in a fountain in your underwear.” She giggles and says she’s not wearing any but is game to go do it. Willie’s face is priceless and he’s totally against it. She does it with most of her clothes on and feels free.

The game continues. Medina learns Phaedra’s had sex four times a day when asked to tell the truth about her one-day maximum. She surprises the crowd with her sex drive and now he’s really looking at her with a side eye. After the game, the group takes a break.

Hazel and De’Von return and viewers learn that she had a miscarriage. The couple retreats to their room to talk and grieve in private for a moment.

Dr. Ish brings out puppets as part of the second drill

Dr. Ish gathers the group again and explains they’ll be using puppets for intimacy demonstrations. Shanda and Willie simulate their sex life before the marital problems and after. What a difference. Dr. Ish points that out.

Medina excites Phaedra with his puppet play, and she says she’s turned on. Medina is hopeful this moves things in a new direction.

Toni and Kurupt go up and Toni shares that they were very adventurous back in the day. When they describe their present-day intimacy situation, it shows how lonely Toni is, and she goes off about him cheating.

She’s angry and starts crying, then swears he has something bad coming to him for laughing at her. Dr. Ish eventually takes Toni aside to calm her down. He tells her she’s going to have to do her own inner work and notes she’s slowly accepting that she can’t fix Kurupt.

Judge Toler comes out to talk to the couples. She’s proud of Willie, Shanda, Phaedra, and Medina. She encourages Phaedra to let go of past hurt. She tells Tahiry that she went through the drill without a man and that’s an accomplishment. The judge encourages her to find a man who will love her the right way.

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Judge Toler turns her attention to Toni and says she’s so stuck on the “other woman” she can’t focus on her man or the relationship. She wants her to use the opportunity in the program to work on things. In her confessional, Toni disagrees and says it’s about Kurupt being a liar and she’s not the problem.

Toni and Kurupt have a major argument

The group is dismissed for the night. Shanda and Tahiry attempt talk to Kurupt about his antics, but Toni overhears and interrupts. He says she’s the one with issues and she blames him. Tahiry is worried that Toni is going to punch him in the face. Security separates them.

Later that night, Kurupt is ranting and yelling that he wants to leave because he thinks Toni is trying to harm him. Toni interrupts Phaedra and Medina’s intimate rendezvous to complain about Kurupt.

The two are not getting along. All of this is happening at the same time, and security is on alert. Tune in on Aug. 20 for the next episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition.