‘Marriage Boot Camp’: Willie Taylor and De’Von Waller Come to Blows on TV and a Twitter Feud Breaks Out

Not everyone sticks with an entire season of Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition, but viewers were given teases about the drama in this latest installment.

There’s Phaedra Parks and her sexless relationship with Medina Islam, Kurupt and his struggles with addiction, and a hot/cold feud between Hazel-E and Shanda Taylor.

Preview clips were clear that someone would come to blows. Well, it happened. Shanda’s husband Willie and Hazel-E’s man, De’Von got into it. Here’s a recap of episode 3.

'Marriage Boot Camp' Willie Taylor, Devon Waller
‘Marriage Boot Camp’ Willie Taylor | Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for TRTL; Devon Waller | Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images for Universal Domino League

Hazel-E is really feeling herself, the couples do another challenge

Hazel-E believes she’s the most popping person in the mansion and is “questioning why I’m in the house with these people.” De’Von agrees with her.

Meanwhile, Kurupt starts feeling sick after drinking Kombucha, a fermented probiotic drink. He hasn’t eaten in days, is nauseous, and has low blood pressure. Dr. Ish believes he has alcohol poisoning and sends him to the hospital.

The rest of the group is set up for a choreography challenge. After the teachers show them a routine, the couples practice with each other. Dr. Ish informs them that later on, they’ll put on a performance but with a different partner. His intention? To test them on jealousy.

The new pairs: Shanda and Medina, Tahiry and De’Von, Hazel-E and Willie, and Phaedra and Vado. Shanda is worried Hazel-E will go overboard with her husband and gives her the evil eye. The new dance partners practice, but some are eyeing their significant others.

Shanda is stalking Hazel-E’s moves like a shark. As for De’Von, “I don’t want anyone touching my girl. That’s my future wife.”

While the group is on break, Kurupt returns as a hospital escapee and retreats to his room with Toni.

Willie and De’Von brawl

Inside the house, the couples are having lunch, but Shanda is complaining about Hazel-E being “extra.” She wasn’t in the room, so De’Von spoke up on her behalf. Willie doesn’t want anyone talking to his wife, so he approaches De’Von and repeatedly instructs him to talk to him instead. Tempers flare.

Shanda is still going on and gets up to confront De’Von too. De’Von says, “How about you shut the f*** up and you shut the f up,” pointing to Willie and Shanda.

Willie gets in his face and then De’Von goes ham. He pushes and pounces on Willie. They tussle, and he puts Willie in a headlock. Dr. Ish and security rushes in to break up the fight.

De’Von goes upstairs with Hazel-E and they’re still talking trash while Willie gets patched up by the medics. Minutes later, everyone regroups in the kitchen, but the two still argue. Everyone else tries to calm them down.

In the confessionals, Hazel-E calls Shanda jealous, but Shanda says she is not. There is tension in the room as Dr. Ish lectures everyone about violent behavior, making a point to tell De’Von to grow up. He says if it happens again, he’ll walk him upstairs and pack his stuff himself.

De’Von feels disrespected and so does Willie, but they’re reminded not to resort to physical fighting.

Dr. Ish shuts down the performance

He talks to the couples about control, explaining they need to learn how to operate and not overreact in certain situations.

Judge Toler scolds them about managing their emotions and actions, pointing out the problems started when they stopped being friends and had to swap partners. The show wraps up with Hazel-E and Shanda arguing about whether Shanda was jealous.

Hazel-E, Willie, and Shanda argue on social media

In the days and hours leading up to this episode, a Twitter feud broke out between Hazel-E and Willie. Hazel kept taunting him and saying her man bested him, but Willie disagreed. Shanda then hopped into the fray to defend her husband.

He responded to this tweet by writing, “And within 20 secs of that same fight  watch as I put a Easter egg on Devons eye for the remainder of camp!!!”

Eventually, Shanda jumped in to inform Hazel-E not to talk to her man, to which she replied (word for word), “He came on my page love. Y’all are both dillusional.” The Twitter spat was about who won the fight and who went to the E.R. Some fans think Willie lost but most want the drama to end.

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