‘Married at First Sight’: Derek Wants Katie To Say Yes On Decision Day—But She’s Not Sure

Derek Sherman and Katie Conrad might have started off strong in their marriage on Lifetime’s Married at First Sight Season 10, but their relationship became strained shortly after their honeymoon.

Katie’s jealousy over Derek’s past, her worries about Derek’s dreams for the future (which she considered immature), and her concern that he would not fall in love with her before Decision Day all played a role in their arguments.

In a sneak peek of the Apr. 8 episode of Married at First Sight from PopCulture.com, Derek and Katie sit down for a romantic bottle of wine by the waterfront. But in their discussion about the looming Decision Day, it’s clear they still don’t see eye to eye.

Katie Conrad
Katie Conrad | MAFS Lifetime via Instagram

Katie and Derek discuss their ‘rough patch’ in the teaser

In the teaser of the upcoming episode, Katie and Derek head out to a gorgeous lakefront setting to drink red wine and talk about their potential future together. Katie remarks on the beautiful landscape, gushing, “I want to get married again here.”

“What’s to stop us from having a second wedding?” Derek says flirtatiously.

But Katie’s face darkens as she sips her wine. Finally, the Married at First Sight star says noncommittally, “I’m not sure yet.”

Derek takes Katie’s cue to try to hash things out—especially after the young couple, both 26, fought so bitterly and explosively at their recent weekend retreat. (Katie accused Derek of flirting with their Married at First Sight castmate Taylor Dunklin.)

“I know we had a little bit of a rough patch over the weekend,” Derek ventures nervously.

But Katie thinks their problems run even deeper. “We’ve had a little bit of a rough patch for, like, the last couple of weeks,” she corrects him.

Katie opens up about the couple’s arguments over the past few weeks

Still, Katie says she’s hopeful about where they stand as they approach Decision Day after their big blowout fight.

“I think that we were trying to avoid confrontation,” she tells Derek in the preview, reflecting on their last few weeks of marriage. “We were arguing, but I don’t feel like we were really getting to the root of things. And I feel like, this weekend, we were able to hash a lot out. So I feel a little bit better about where we’re at going into Decision Day.”

Derek agrees, seeming to relax a bit as his wife hints that the outcome of Decision Day might be favorable. “I’m still a little nervous, but I’m feeling good about it,” the Married at First Sight star says.

Derek admits he hopes Katie will want to continue their marriage after eight weeks

Katie almost seems pleased with Derek’s admission of nerves before Decision Day (which isn’t surprising, given that she’s said she wants her husband to be willing to fight for her).

“What are you nervous about? Do you think I’m going to say yes on Decision Day?” Katie asks Derek.

“I’m hoping you will,” he tells his wife earnestly.

Katie smirks dubiously and sips her wine. “I guess you’ll find out,” the Married at First Sight star says.

“I guess I will,” Derek grins.

It looks like the ongoing power struggle between Derek and Katie will be in full force on the upcoming episode—which will feature the Married at First Sight couples’ last few days together before their final decision about whether to stay together or not.