‘Married at First Sight’: Did Austin Finally Say ‘I Love You’ To Jessica On Decision Day?

Austin Hurd and Jessica Studer had one of the most heartwarming marriages in Married at First Sight history on Season 10 of the Lifetime show.

Still, the couple hit a few snags along the way. Jessica worried about Austin’s constant traveling for his new job as a network engineer. But more importantly, she said “I love you” first…and he didn’t say it back, claiming he wasn’t quite ready to be so vulnerable. On the Apr. 15 episode of Married at First Sight, that all changed when Austin professed his love to his wife on Decision Day.

Jessica Studer
Jessica Studer | MAFS Lifetime via Instagram

Austin told Jessica he was in love with her

On Decision Day, Austin and Jessica sat down with the three Married at First Sight experts—Dr. Viviana Coles, Dr. Pepper Schwartz, and Pastor Cal Roberson—to share whether they wanted to get married or divorce.

“God, it’s a big decision,” Austin said nervously. “It’s a forever decision, I guess, right?”

Jessica went first, telling Austin confidently that she wanted to stay together. “I want our future to be together, so, I want to stay married,” she told her husband.

Austin was up next, and he delivered quite the bombshell in his sweet speech to Jessica. “Jess, that means the world to me, and I see you love me,” the Married at First Sight star told his wife. “I feel the commitment and I truly see you have my back, and it makes me know that I love you.”

Looking surprised, Jessica gushed in response, “I love you too.”

The 31-year-old engineer added in turn, “Of course, I want to stay married to you, because I love you.”

The ‘Married at First Sight’ experts were thrilled to hear the news

The experts were almost as excited as Jessica to hear Austin profess his love. “How does it feel to finally say it?” Dr. Viviana asked.

“I knew it all along,” Jessica quipped, laughing in excitement and relief.

“I knew you did, but it still…” Austin trailed off, possibly thinking of why he hadn’t said it earlier. Just before Decision Day, he told his close friend that he was concerned about using the “L” word because he’d been heartbroken in the past after declaring his love to an ex-girlfriend.

Jessica seemed like she couldn’t be happier about Austin’s decision. “I am really happy. I’m really happy that you could share that today,” the 31-year-old patient care manager said.

Austin seemed like a weight was off his shoulders, too, now that he finally said those three little words. “I feel great saying that,” he said.

As the experts shared a champagne toast with Jessica and Austin, Pastor Cal told Lifetime producers he had always had a great deal of confidence in the couple.

“I am so overjoyed for Jessica and Austin. This is a match that went well from the beginning,” Pastor Cal said. “They built a solid foundation of communication and trust…I see a bright future for their marriage, and I couldn’t be happier.”

Jessica and Austin shared their happiness about their mutual decision

Meanwhile, Austin told Lifetime producers that he was happy with his decision to stay married to Jessica and to tell her he loved her. “It was a huge risk, but I took that leap of faith and I feel grateful for it…I truly do love her,” the Married at First Sight star said. “I just can’t wait to find out what happens next.”

His wife was overjoyed as well. “He said yes, he said I love you! We’re together!” she exclaimed. “I am so ecstatic that we are staying married and that he does love me too. We both love each other…This is better than what I had envisioned today to go.”

As for the future, Jessica said she didn’t know exactly what it held. But she knew she wanted to spend it with Austin. “With great risk comes great reward,” she said. “The future is unknown, and I’m excited, we’re gonna do this together.”