‘Married at First Sight’: Fans Are Outraged at Karen’s Reaction to Miles Admission of Clinical Depression

For most people, getting married is something that is planned for quite a while. Typically, a couple takes their time getting to know each other, and they aren’t in a huge rush to get to the altar, especially not without giving it the careful consideration that they feel is necessary. However, Married at First Sight takes a unique spin on the entire concept of marriage, where two people who are basically complete strangers meet each other just minutes before exchanging vows.

Although this may sound pretty extreme, most fans would agree that it makes for some interesting storylines. After all, it can’t be easy getting married to someone that you know nothing about and having to find out all of their secrets after the deal is already finalized. Let’s discuss how Married at First Sight fans are outraged at Karen’s reaction to Miles admitting that he lives with clinical depression. 

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Some background on Miles and Karen

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So, who exactly are Miles and Karen? Well, Miles is a 26-year-old man who has always known that he wanted the perfect wife, but he was having a little trouble finding who he was looking for. Karen, a human resources professional, had her fair share of trouble in the dating field, and finally decided to turn to the Lifetime show to find her perfect match. After having been single for quite a few years, she knows that the time has come to settle down, but even after appearing on the show, Karen almost didn’t get the fairy tale ending that she had been longing for.

Before the wedding, she “cheated” when she took a look at her future husband’s social media accounts, and suddenly, she began having doubts. Ultimately, Karen decided to go through with the marriage, and she and Miles ended up exchanging vows, although moving forward wasn’t as easy as she had hoped it would be.

Miles finally opens up to Karen

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It is only natural that being married would eventually cause Miles to feel comfortable enough to open up to Karen, and that is exactly what he did. So, what is the personal secret that he shared with his new wife, who he was just getting to know? Well, it turns out that Miles lives with clinical depression — and in a pretty severe way. In fact, there were days when he couldn’t even bring himself to get out of bed and face the day, and he often thought that things couldn’t get any worse.

Miles was brutally honest in what he told Karen. Usually, a wife would be pretty understanding if her husband revealed something so personal, but the unfortunate fact is that Karen was anything but. She even seemed a bit taken aback by what Miles had to say, and most fans were pretty sympathetic for what he had to deal with.

Fans are outraged at Karen’s reaction to Miles’ admission of clinical depression

What exactly happened that had fans so outraged at Karen’s reaction to what Miles told her? She went so far as to say that she felt his admission made him “less masculine” and fans didn’t take kindly. Some fans on Reddit have said that Miles seems “genuine” and like “a kind man,” pretty much proving that they are on his side. Some have even said that she “isn’t the right person” for him, and it can only further solidify the fact that viewers don’t really trust Karen. While the pair seems to have worked things out, hopefully, Karen can stay in it for the long haul.