‘Married at First Sight’: Fans are Rooting for Amelia and Bennett

For decades, dating shows have been some fan-favorite among reality TV lovers. Back in the ’60s, many fans would flock to their televisions sets every week to watch people being set up on dates with complete strangers on The Dating Game. Since that time, there have been several other reality shows dedicated to helping people find love. Some shows have focused more on the blind date aspects and other shows have had a more “game show” feel to them. No show, however, has ever pushed the envelope as much as Lifetime’s Married at First Sight.

Since Married at First Sight debuted in 2014, it has created a few long-lasting marriages and several divorces. However, no matter how many failed relationships come out of this show, there are always hopeful fans that tune in every season to witness two strangers fall in love in just a matter of weeks. This season, we are introduced to five new couples. And while no one wants to see any couple get divorced, there are two people, in particular, that fans are hoping will beat the odds and stayed married after the season ends.

Bennett and Amelia from 'Married at First Sight'
Bennett and Amelia from ‘Married at First Sight’ | Mike Lirette Photography/Lifetime

Most ‘Married At First Sight’ couples don’t stay married

Married at First Sight first went on the air back in 2014. When it debuted, many fans were intrigued by the unique premise of the show. The show features three “relationship experts” that interview thousands of applicants and try to match the ones that they believe would be best suited for each other based on their personality, life goals, and other personal characteristics. Once a couple is matched, they plan their wedding and meet each other for the first time as they are both standing at the altar. With just a quick introduction, the couple takes turns saying “I do,” then they are legally married and must go through actual divorce proceedings if they decide that they do not want to be together.

During the 10 seasons that have already aired, there have been a total of 34 couples have participated in the show. Only 26 couples have chosen to stay married at the end of the experiment. And out of those couples, only nine are still married today.

Who are Amelia and Bennett?

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Amelia and Bennett are one of the newest couples that are featured on season 11 of Married at First Sight. Amelia Fatsi is a 27-year-old doctor who just recently finished medical school and is currently working on her residency. She is also a free spirit and loves music and has a bubbly and quirky personality. She has stated on the show that her career is very important to her. She would love to have a family one day, but she would like her husband to be a stay-at-home dad.

Bennett Kirschner is a 28-year-old pedicab driver who loves to write songs and plays. According to his bio,  he has also directed a play and is in a band called TV Pole Shine. On the show, Bennett seems very creative and easy-going. He has even said that he wouldn’t mind taking his wife’s last name when he marries.

For the most part, these two look like a perfect match. Even one of the experts, Pepper Schwartz, who helped match them together thinks that they make a perfect couple. “I think they will find each other attractive, whimsical, lovable, stay together forever,” Schwartz gushed about the couple before they got married.

Why fans are rooting for Amelia and Bennett

One of the things that shocked fans the most about this couple is the fact that they have actually met before they got married. It is not quite clear how they know each other, but this is the first time in MAFS history that a couple has recognized each other as they were walking down the aisle. 

Even though they may have met briefly before they were married, fans still think that the experts got this one right when they chose for Amelia and Bennett to be together. One fan on Twitter wrote: “Amelia and Bennett on Married at First Sight are so cute! Like I can’t take it!”

Another fan agreed by saying, “Watching Married at First Sight and if Bennett and Amelia don’t stay married until the day they die, I will be very upset. They are absolutely perfect.”

We still have a few more weeks to go before we find out if Amelia and Bennett decide to stay married on decision day. But from what we have seen so far, they do seem like a very good match.