‘Married at First Sight’: Fans Don’t Get Why The Season 10 Wives Want To Hear ‘I Love You’ So Soon

On Lifetime’s Married at First Sight, it’s not uncommon for different couples to have similar problems as they navigate their expert-arranged marriages. There are often couples who don’t have physical chemistry, for example. In other cases, one partner is all in, while the other is afraid to be vulnerable or honest. Some couples don’t share the same goals as far as careers, children, or other future plans.

Two Married at First Sight Season 10 brides, Katie Conrad (married to Derek Sherman) and Jessica Studer (married to Austin Hurd), share a similar concern about their new marriages. Both Jessica and Katie are worried that their husbands won’t say “I love you” as early as they’d like.

After the Feb. 26 episode, “The ‘L’ Word,” many Married at First Sight fans took to Twitter to discuss their takes on the two wives’ “I love you” hangups.

Katie Conrad
Katie Conrad | MAFS Lifetime via Instagram

Katie thought Derek’s relationship history was a ‘red flag’

Katie and Derek had great physical and emotional chemistry on their honeymoon, but things seemed to go downhill after the young couple moved in together in Washington, D.C. In a session with Pastor Cal Roberson, Katie admitted she was not completely over a recent ex, while Derek said he’d never been in love and didn’t know if he could fall in love before at least “six months to a year” with Katie.

The Married at First Sight couple didn’t see eye to eye on the proper timeline for falling in love. Katie wondered if Derek would allow himself to be vulnerable enough to fall head over heels for her.

“I’m getting too old to keep going after the chase,” she warned him, saying the fact that he’d never fallen in love before was a “red flag” to her. “It doesn’t sound like you have ever wanted something bad enough to really fight for it,” she added.

But Derek thought Katie’s interpretation of his relationship history was “unfair” and insisted he was open to falling in love in the future. “I kinda feel it’s bullsh**,” he told her. “I feel like you don’t have to feel love before you’re 27.”

Jessica hoped Austin would tell her he loved her early on in the relationship

When Jessica and Austin discussed their past relationships, similar issues came up between them. In Austin’s longest relationship, he told his wife, it took him a year to say “I love you.”

“For me, that’s a long time,” Jessica told Married at First Sight producers. She hoped Austin wouldn’t take so long to proclaim his love for her, revealing that she hoped she’d hear those three little words “sooner rather than later.”

Meanwhile, Austin was worried about “rushing” or “forcing” his feelings and said he hoped Jessica would let things happen naturally. “I think she is over-thinking love as a word,” he said.

Some ‘Married at First Sight’ fans thought Katie needed to back off

Many Married at First Sight fans thought Katie was hoping for too much, too soon, from Derek. In particular, they thought the comparisons she was making to her own romantic history were unfair.

“Katie is so hell bent on Derek never having been in love,” one Twitter user wrote. “But she’s been in love TWICE and where did that get her? ON A DAMN TV SHOW LOOKING FOR A HUSBAND.”

Others thought Katie was sabotaging her marriage by trying to push Derek to declare his love before it had a chance to grow. “Katie girl creating your own problems honey,” a fan argued. “This show is called Married at First Sight…. not love at first sight.”

Viewers took to Twitter to sound off on Jessica’s feelings for Austin

Many Lifetime viewers had similar feelings about Jessica’s hopes for Austin. They thought she should let their relationship unfold naturally instead of trying to plan every moment.

“WTF is with Jessica and this I love you,” one fan wondered during the latest episode. “You just met this man.”

Another Twitter user thought the Married at First Sight bride might simply be hoping for more verbal reassurance from Austin. “There’s nothing wrong with taking 1 year in a relationship to say I love you,” they argued. “Words of affirmation seems to for sure be Jessica’s love language.”

Many fans thought both wives were pushing for the three little words too soon

Some viewers noticed the similarities between Jessica’s and Katie’s situations, with most agreeing that both wives were rushing into things instead of letting them happen organically.

“People expect love way too quick,” a Married at First Sight fan wrote on Twitter. “Calm down, it will happen when it’s supposed to. You start forcing it and it becomes a turn off.”

Others thought Jessica’s and Katie’s hopes for an “I love you” so soon might be due to their own growing feelings. One Twitter user mused that Katie and Jessica might be afraid their husbands wouldn’t reciprocate their love. “Ok Jessica & Katie both love their husbands already,” they wrote. “That’s why they keep questioning the love topic. They both want to say it but are scared they won’t get an ILY back from Austin & Derek.”