‘Married at First Sight’: Fans Were Shocked By a Bridesmaid’s Raunchy Comments About This Season 10 Bride’s Sexual Preferences

At first, fans of Lifetime’s Married at First Sight were more than a little worried about 25-year-old Katie Conrad and 26-year-old Derek Sherman. 

While Derek seemed ready to embark on a new adventure in married an expert-selected stranger, Katie was shaken by a sudden profession of love from an ex-boyfriend just before her wedding. MAFS fans worried Katie might not be ready for marriage and that she could break Derek’s heart. 

But on the Jan. 15 episode of MAFS Season 10, “I Married a Stranger,” Katie and Derek seemed like they might be well-matched after all…at least in one respect. Fans got a kick out of Derek’s conversation with a tipsy (okay, beyond tipsy) bridesmaid about Katie’s sexual preferences.

Katie Conrad
Katie Conrad | MAFS Lifetime via Instagram

One of Katie’s bridesmaids got real with Derek about her sexual preferences

Even though Katie might have been struggling with cold feet before her wedding, it looked like their mutual attraction would not be a problem. “Derek is hot,” Katie admitted to Derek’s friends during the wedding reception.  

Katie’s friends, meanwhile, got a little raunchier than Derek’s. “You gonna f*** Katie tonight?” Katie’s (very drunk) bridesmaid Kaitlin asked her friend’s new husband.

Derek spat out his beer and declared, “So it’s come down to this! I actually have thought about this a little bit…’cause there’s so much pressure.” 

As the Married at First Sight groom began to explain that he didn’t expect anything the first night, Kaitlin cut him off and cut right to the chase. “You wanna d*** her down or what?” she pressed.

To his credit, Derek tried to keep things gentlemanly. “Look, I’m a firm believer that sex is very important in a relationship,” he told Katie’s friends. However, he added that it wasn’t the only thing that mattered to make a marriage work.

Derek said he was excited to find out his bride was a ‘passionate lover’

But Kaitlin wasn’t falling for Derek’s PG version of the sex discussion. “A marriage is built on…like, yes, it’s built on other things, but if there’s not that initial fire…she needs fire,” she insisted.

The MAFS groom looked amused as he asked, “What is the fire? Just so I know.”

Katie’s bridesmaid got a little more graphic as she explained, “The fire, like, I need you to do the hair pulling.” (From there, the comments apparently got so steamy they had to be censored.)

Derek kept it classy in the moment, but he seemed good-natured about the sex interrogation and excited by the conversation. “I’m finding out that she’s a passionate lover, an intense lover,” he told Lifetime producers. “But a lover nonetheless is awesome. She just wants to feel warmth. I am looking forward to providing that warmth.”

‘Married at First Sight’ fans couldn’t get enough of the dirty talk

While some thought it was a little shocking, many Married at First Sight fans couldn’t get enough of Kaitlin and the raunchy honeymoon sex talk. 

“Katie’s bridesmaids were the best part of the show. More Kaitlin, please and thank you!” one viewer wrote on Twitter

Another joked, “Katie’s drunk friends/bridesmaids giving Derek advice that might lead to arrests  in all 50 states.”

Others couldn’t believe Katie’s bridesmaids had gotten so graphic. “You gon d*** her down or nah?? Katie’s drunk bridesmaid is the MVP of this episode,” one MAFS viewer wrote

It looks like the talk worked, though: In the sneak peek for the next episode, Katie and Derek admit they had sex…and seem pretty happy about it.