‘Married at First Sight’: How Can You Find the Five Season 10 Couples on Social Media?

Lifetime’s Married at First Sight Season 10 features five couples for the first time ever. There’s plenty of drama as the expert-matched pairs face the challenge of marriage together after meeting as complete strangers.

Now that Season 10 is well underway, these are the five couples that Married at First Sight fans have been following so far, as well as their social media handles if you’re hoping to follow them offscreen as well as on.

Katie Conrad
Katie Conrad | MAFS Lifetime via Instagram

Brandon Reid and Taylor Dunklin

Brandon Reid and Taylor Dunklin are the perfect Season 10 couple to start with, since social media was a source of contention for them as early as their honeymoon.

Brandon told Taylor he didn’t like “females” who spent too much time on Instagram or had “large social media followings,” suggesting they only wanted “attention.” Taylor, meanwhile, thought her food and travel pictures were harmless.

Overall, this couple struggled from the very beginning of Married at First Sight Season 10. Brandon struggled with filming and even argued with Lifetime producers, while Taylor thought he was often “abrasive and very rude.”

Taylor’s Instagram: @marietaylorxo

Austin Hurd and Jessica Studer

Many Married at First Sight fans think Jessica Studer and Austin Hurd will be Season 10’s major success story. The two 30-somethings describe themselves as “awkward weirdos” who hope to start a family fairly soon.

Jessica and Austin became intimate early on in their honeymoon and seemed to hit it off in every possible way. Still, trouble could be looming for the happy couple if their involved (maybe overinvolved) family members get in the way of their union.

Austin’s Instagram: @ahurd103

Katie Conrad and Derek Sherman

While Katie Conrad might have had a bit of a breakdown shortly before marrying Derek Sherman at first sight after an ex contacted her out of the blue, the couple quickly became a fan favorite among Married at First Sight viewers. They considered themselves so similar, they sometimes wondered if they were the “same person.” Katie and Derek were also physically attracted to each other and had great chemistry on their honeymoon.

Still, there could be trouble in paradise. Derek has never been in love before, which makes Katie wonder if he’s truly ready to make a long-term commitment. And there’s always the ex-boyfriend issue to sort out after the honeymoon as well.

Katie’s Instagram: @katieecon

Derek’s Twitter: @Drockingsherm

Derek’s Instagram: @drockingsherm

Meka Jones and Michael Watson

Michael Watson and Meka Jones had a rough start on Married at First Sight. The couple actually spent more of their honeymoon in Panama in separate rooms after arguing on the plane about sex. Meka believed Michael couldn’t be trusted after he, according to her, gave her an ultimatum for honeymoon sex.

While Meka and Michael ultimately patched things up after a few days, their marriage certainly hasn’t been anything but rocky on Season 10 so far.

Meka’s Instagram: @_solobliss

Mike’s Instagram: @mike2130

Mindy Shiben and Zach Justice

Zach Justice told Mindy Shiben he wasn’t physically attracted to her shortly after they got married, making for an incredibly awkward honeymoon. The personal trainer and model seemed ultra-confident, maybe a little too confident, in his looks, and said he had to work on “building” and “searching for” an attraction to Mindy before he could get intimate with her.

On top of Zach’s lack of attraction to his wife, Mindy recently went through two tragedies (the death of her sister and a sudden miscarriage), making some fans wonder if she was ready to appear on reality TV.

Zach’s Instagram: @thecasualathlete

Zach’s Twitter: @thejusticemodel

Mindy’s Instagram: @mindy_shiben