‘Married at First Sight’: Katie and Derek Fight Bitterly About His Dreams For the Future

Katie Conrad and Derek Sherman seemed to hit it off right away on Lifetime’s Married at First Sight Season 10.

But the young couple struggled after their romantic honeymoon in Panama. Derek admitted he didn’t think he could truly fall in love with Katie until at least six months into their relationship, which made Katie wonder if he was really ready for marriage. Meanwhile, Katie’s lingering feelings for her ex made Derek take pause.

On the Mar. 18 episode of Married at First Sight, “Move In Or Move Out,” Derek and Katie faced yet another obstacle. In advance of Recommitment Day, when they were expected to recommit (or not) to their marriage after five weeks, the couple had their biggest fight yet.

Katie Conrad
Katie Conrad | MAFS Lifetime via Instagram

Katie confronted Derek about his ‘unrealistic’ dreams

At their one-month anniversary dinner, Katie and Derek discussed their dreams for the future. Katie’s were relatively simple—traveling, working, falling in love, and raising a family—while Derek’s were a little more adventurous. The 26-year-old told his wife he hoped to backpack around the world, compose his own Christmas song, write a children’s book, and build a treehouse.

While Derek’s dreams might have seemed whimsical, Katie didn’t take them that way. She thought his hopes for the future seemed scattered and unrealistic, making her wonder if he was ready for a lifetime commitment to one person.

On the latest episode, Katie sat down with Derek to hash out their differences when it came to their future hopes and dreams.

“Derek being such a dreamer worries me a little bit, because I want a man,” Katie told Married at First Sight producers. “I don’t want a little boy who’s dreaming of writing Christmas songs.”

But Derek didn’t see the harm in hoping for an adventure or two. “I can’t imagine myself living a life where I gave up on my dreams,” he told Katie, adding that he wanted his wife to support him in his ambitions.

Derek wondered why Katie didn’t seem supportive of him or his future goals

Katie told her husband she didn’t think his goals were compatible with the life of a family man. “Do you want a family and a marriage, or do you want to fulfill all of those dreams?” the Married at First Sight star asked him.

“The one most important thing to me is, first of all, to find true love,” Derek reassured her. Still, he added, “Life isn’t limited to just that.”

“But you have so many dreams that you’re like, up in the clouds, and I just need you to come down and meet me halfway,” Katie retorted.

As their fight escalated, Derek wondered, “What’s wrong with having dreams?”

“You have so many that I can’t even f*cking keep track,” Katie yelled. Finally, she headed into the other room and slammed the door as Derek tried to keep the conversation going.

Katie said she didn’t feel ‘secure’ with Derek

As Derek and Katie continued to fight, their argument became even more explosive. “Let me know when you do figure out what you do want!” Katie exclaimed from the other side of the door.

Derek, thoroughly frustrated, told Katie he wanted his wife to be a part of his dreams. The Married at First Sight star also said he didn’t think any of his hopes and ambitions would detract from his family life.

While Derek told Lifetime producers that he knew some of his dreams were a little outlandish, he said he was more than devoted to meeting each and every one of his long-term goals. “I have every intention of achieving every single one of them,” he insisted.

Finally, Derek slept on the couch, while Katie slept alone in the couple’s bedroom.

Ultimately, Katie explained, it came down to feeling like she was Derek’s priority. “I don’t feel secure making a family with someone like that,” she told producers. “I don’t feel like I’m more important than those things right now, and I don’t know if I ever will be.”