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‘Married at First Sight’: Katie Yells At Derek About Their Sex Life and Claims He Acts Like a ‘Loser’ and ‘Weirdo’ In Sneak Peek

Katie Conrad and Derek Sherman seemed to hit it off at first, but their marriage began to struggle as soon as they returned from their honeymoon on Lifetime's 'Married at First Sight' Season 10. In the previews for the upcoming Apr. 1 episode, 'Fight or Flight,' Katie and Derek argue over his alleged flirting with Katie's castmate, as well as their sex life.

Katie Conrad and Derek Sherman have struggled in their marriage since returning from their honeymoon on Lifetime’s Married at First Sight Season 10. Derek has seemed put off by Katie’s insistence that he profess his love to her, while Katie has been jealous and worried about her role in Derek’s life as a priority, given his many dreams and goals for the future.

And in previews for the upcoming Apr. 1 episode of Married at First Sight, “Fight or Flight,” it looks like the tension between Katie and Derek escalates even further during a couple’s retreat just before Decision Day. Katie thinks Derek is flirting with Brandon Reid’s wife, Taylor Dunklin, and storms away from the dinner table in a huff.

Katie Conrad
Katie Conrad | MAFS Lifetime via Instagram

Derek and Taylor get friendly during a couple’s retreat in previews for the upcoming episode

In sneak peeks from Lifetime and The Sun, it looks like Derek and Taylor get friendly (a little too friendly, if you ask Katie) over dinner at a vacation home during a getaway with the other Married at First Sight couples.

“Can I ask you a question? How you doin’?” Derek jokes to Taylor as the couples share drinks and dinner. Taylor bursts into laughter and says Derek is “hilarious.”

Immediately, Katie doesn’t look happy. Sitting across the table from her husband, she rolls her eyes as she takes a bite of food. “Derek loves all the other wives but me,” the 26-year-old mental health professional mutters.

Taylor seems to think Katie is joking, and continues to praise her castmate. “Derek and I are always on the same page,” Taylor laughs. “Katie, your husband is f***ing hilarious!”

“I’m leaving,” Katie says half-jokingly. But her sarcasm seems to be laced with something a bit more venomous as she continues, “Cut it the f*** out right now. It is ruining my marriage.”

Oblivious, Taylor and Derek keep joking around. “You lucked out, Katie,” Taylor tells her fellow Married at First Sight bride.

“I’m gonna f***ing throw up,” Katie exclaims angrily.

Katie says she feels left out and shunned by her husband

Katie tells Lifetime producers that she hates seeing the contrast in how Derek treats her and how he treats the other women in the cast. “He doesn’t flirt with me,” she claims. “So don’t flirt with other wives in front of me.”

The Married at First Sight star says she thinks Derek’s behavior on the couple’s retreat is inappropriate, especially because she’s never thought he’s put enough effort into their relationship.

“Taylor and Derek are really just being super friendly with each other,” Katie complains. “Derek just doesn’t seem to be giving me any attention. It’s just kind of like, he’s talking to Taylor, and Taylor just thinks he’s great, and that rubs me the wrong way.”

The ‘Married at First Sight’ couple has a major fight about Derek’s flirting

In one preview clip, Derek and Katie get into it outside, away from the other couples’ earshot. Katie accuses Derek of treating her with less care and attention than he treats other women, even her Married at First Sight castmates.

During what looks like a lengthy argument, Katie tells her husband she’s never seen him act with her the way she does with other women. “I’ve seen you at this point initiate conversation with girls, and you don’t act like a loser or a weirdo with everyone else,” she shouts.

Derek seems like he’s finally had enough as he yells back, “Because I’m actually being myself!”

Katie, near tears, shoots back angrily, “I am so done. I am so f***ing done!”

The couple argues over sex in another explosive preview

The Married at First Sight couple even argues over their sex life during the explosive retreat. In Lifetime’s extended preview, Katie can’t take any more of Derek and Taylor’s laughter. She stands up and storms out of the room, as the other couples remain awkwardly around the dinner table.

Derek follows her, begging his wife to talk to him about what’s wrong. He follows her to their bedroom, where she’s curled up on the bed alone.

“It’s super annoying to see how you act with other people,” she tells him.

“You think I’m f***ing flirting with Taylor?” Derek asks incredulously, adding: “Do you think I’m being overly friendly? I’m not intending to.”

After telling Derek to let her “f***ing finish” when he interrupts her, Katie explains that she feels neglected by him, both romantically and sexually.

“The way you talk to me and treat me is not any different from the other girls here,” the Married at First Sight star tells Derek. “So do I feel special as your wife? No. Not at all. You don’t make any initiative, like, physically.”

Derek defends himself, insisting, “You’ve been on your period for the last six days.”

But Katie isn’t buying it and doesn’t think Derek seems interested in her sexually. “Married people have sex on their period, Derek, so that’s really not an excuse,” she says bitterly.

“The last time I tried making a move, you said no!” Derek replies.

Katie accuses Derek of being unwilling to listen to her. “You’re being defensive. I’m over it,” she yells as she runs out of the room.

Following her down the hallway, Derek once again begs Katie to give him a chance and talk it out with him. “Please talk to me. I will not say a single word,” he asks as he frantically follows his wife out of the vacation house.