‘Married at First Sight’: The Season 10 Reunion Looks Like It Will Be the Most Dramatic Yet

Decision Day for the five couples on Lifetime’s Married at First Sight Season 10 may have already passed, but there’s still more Season 10 drama to come—at least, if the previews for the upcoming reunion episode are to be believed.

Two preview clips for the Married at First Sight reunion, airing Apr. 22 on Lifetime, recently dropped. The sneak peeks promise more than our fair share of juicy details, from arrests and cheating to walk-offs and fights.

Meka Jones
Meka Jones | MAFS Lifetime via Instagram

The reunion preview suggests it will be chock-full of drama

After Decision Day, most Married at First Sight viewers weren’t exactly surprised by the fates of the five Season 10 couples.

Zach Justice and Mindy Shiben reaffirmed their earlier decision to divorce. Michael Watson and Meka Jones, as well as Brandon Reid and Taylor Dunklin, didn’t stay together.

Meanwhile, Katie Conrad and Derek Sherman stayed together—albeit with mutual doubts and reservations. Austin Hurd and Jessica Studer stayed married and seemed confident in their decision.

Married at First Sight fans predicted most of these outcomes long ago. The reunion episode, however, looks like it will be a completely different matter.

“It’s been five months since Decision Day,” the host, Kevin Frazier, says in one of the preview clips. “What happened when the cameras turned off and the experts went home? Could the couples make it on their own? Did anyone regret their decision to get a divorce?”

As the couples sit down to face off, some for the first time since their decision to separate, the tension is obvious. “Are you seeing someone else now?” Frazier asks an unknown cast member.

Meanwhile, it looks like Meka tries to give Michael the benefit of the doubt in one preview clip, as she admits, “I never doubted that he tried really hard.”

Taylor references an arrest, while Zach and Mindy face off once again

Zach and Mindy had one of the strangest marriages in Married at First Sight history. Zach refused to ever get physical with Mindy beyond one or two kisses, and they never moved in together after returning from their honeymoon in Panama.

“What’s it like to be back together now?” Frazier asks the pair as they nervously sit next to each other.

“I wish I’d have done this sooner, you know?” Zach muses, seeming to regret his behavior with Mindy.

It looks like Mindy will do her share of confronting Zach as well. “You married a woman and then abandoned her,” Frazier accuses the personal trainer. Mindy agrees, admitting that she wonders if Zach was just in it for the airtime. “I question whether or not it’s kind of been for publicity for him,” the figure skating coach confesses.

And it looks like the drama between Taylor and Brandon is far from over, as she tells Frazier all about an alleged incident between the two of them.

“There was an incident that happened,” Frazier begins as he questions Taylor.

The Married at First Sight star seems to be describing a conflict between herself and her former husband as she says, “Brandon follows us, he’s like, ‘I got you. I got you.’ I walk back to Brandon, and I’m like, you have to stop. This has to stop.”

“You were arrested?” Frazier wonders, as Taylor appears to agree.

Hopefully, the Season 10 golden couple—Jessica and Austin—will at least make it out of the reunion unscathed.

Jessica’s biggest fear about Austin before Decision Day was that he travelled for work too much…and it seems like that fear came true, at least according to the reunion preview. “I was traveling quite a bit,” Austin admits in one clip. “It was pretty much every single week.”

In another, Frazier probes Austin for more info, venturing: “Austin, I feel like this is making you really uncomfortable right now.” Say it isn’t so!

It looks like one or more ‘Married at First Sight’ cheating reveals will be at play

But the biggest bombshells might just come from Katie and Derek.

Both Derek and Katie don’t exactly look pleased with each other as they have a tense discussion about their marriage. In the preview, Derek reveals that his gut feeling about Katie’s ex who ghosted her (and who almost prevented the couple from getting married in the first place) was correct.

“Katie kind of confesses to me how she had an affair with her ex about a week ago,” Derek tells the Married at First Sight reunion host sadly.

What’s more, Frazier reveals that two cast members from different marriages might even have flirted with each other. “I’ve been informed that two people on this stage from different marriages may have explored the idea of being more than just friends. ‘Fess up!” he says, while the cast members shift uncomfortably in their seats.

Michael gets up to leave at one point, clearly shaken by something. “Did Michael just leave?” a producer asks.

Later, a Lifetime producer confronts a visibly upset Michael backstage. “Coming back in, or are you done?” they ask him.

“That was not what I expected at all,” Michael admits breathlessly as the dramatic preview comes to a close.

Naturally, fans are especially curious to see if Katie really had an affair, as well as which two Married at First Sight cast members went on a date. But it looks like we’ll just have to tune in on Apr. 22 to find out.