‘Married at First Sight’: Why Do Fans Think This Couple Might Lack Chemistry?

On Lifetime’s Married at First Sight, complete strangers are matched by three experts to be legally married without ever laying eyes on each other first. 

Married at First Sight Season 10 features five new young couples in the Washington, D.C., area, who will take the big leap. But fans aren’t too sure about one couple’s chemistry. 

Brandon Reid and Taylor Dunklin got married on the latest MAFS episode, “Here Comes the Stranger.” While both still seem hopeful that their union will work out, Married at First Sight fans thought their compatibility might not work out for the long haul after their awkward first one-on-one conversation.

Taylor Dunklin
Taylor Dunklin | ‘MAFS Lifetime’ via Instagram

Brandon and Taylor were matched by the experts for their active social lives, drive to succeed, and strong work ethic

Brandon and Taylor appear to be perfect for one another, at least on paper. Both have active social lives and describe themselves as well-rounded individuals, with a passion for both their careers and their loved ones.

27-year-old Taylor, a research scientist with a lot of drive and several jobs, is close to her many friends. Meanwhile, 34-year-old sales manager Brandon enjoys spending time with his extended family. Both say they’re more than ready to settle down and make a life with someone by their side.

The ‘Married at First Sight’ star’s jokes made for a slightly awkward first conversation

Taylor and Brandon both seemed excited to meet each other at their wedding. But when the MAFS bride and groom popped some champagne and had their first moments together, things got a little awkward.

“I didn’t know who was gonna come down that aisle,” he started out. “I was afraid a guy could come down and I would get ‘punk’d’ and have to make a mad dash for the exit.”

“You’re here, you didn’t run away,” Taylor joked back. 

“You’re not a dude,” Brandon joked again. 

“If I didn’t like you, I would have respectfully walked towards the exit,” he continued. 

Taylor looked a little uncomfortable as she responded, “Oh, okay. Well, thank you, I guess.”

Still, Brandon told producers he “couldn’t be happier” with their choice of bride for him. “I love her spirit, just very laid-back, chill,” he raved. He also called her “amazing and breathtaking.” 

Taylor, meanwhile, admitted Brandon seemed “a little nervous,” but she was happy he opened up to her about his brother’s tragic death as a child.

‘MAFS’ fans said Brandon was ‘awkward’ and weren’t sure about the couple’s future

Some MAFS fans thought the couple’s first conversation was a little uncomfortable. “Taylor and Brandon mmm I don’t see it working out!!!” one Twitter user wrote during the wedding episode. “Brandon seems to be awkward.”

Others worried that Brandon seemed standoffish or wasn’t “into” Taylor (at least, not yet). 

“I already don’t like Brandon, he’s acting weird, trying too hard to act nonchalant,” one critic wrote on Twitter of the new couple. “Why do you do great catches like Taylor like that by getting them awkward boys who can’t act normal around a pretty woman? I predict she’ll bounce at the end.” 

Still, other Married at First Sight viewers thought Brandon might just be nervous with the cameras or around beautiful women. “Beautiful couple! Brandon was probably nervous; began w/a strange, kinda awkward personality,” one Twitter user wrote. “Taylor’s SO Pretty, he was probably captivated by her beauty; waited on him to TELL HER! She balances their union; so laid back & receptive.”