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Dr. Britten Cole from Bravo’s Married to Medicine L.A. shared with fans what it was really like to get the COVID-19 (coronavirus) vaccine.

Dr. Imani Walker, Shanique Drummond, Dr. Britten Cole
Dr. Imani Walker, Shanique Drummond, Dr. Britten Cole |Erika Goldring/Bravo

Cole posted a video and some remarks about receiving the vaccine on Instagram. As a frontline worker, Cole and other cast members from the series are eligible to be vaccinated during phase one of the vaccine rollout. The video showed Cole wearing both a surgical mask and face shield as she calmly received her jab.

The person administering the vaccine cleans Cole’s arm and then tells her, “Big poke okay” before giving her the vaccine. Cole doesn’t flinch and then looks into the camera wide-eyed to show how easy it was to get vaccinated. She also shared some thoughts and answered questions about getting the vaccine in her post.

No pain and no bad reactions thus far, Dr. Britten reports

Cole and other cast members from the series are trying to educate fans and the public about staying safe during the pandemic but also to de-mystify what it means to receive the vaccine.

“As an anesthesiologist, I’m phase 1a (first in line) to receive the vaccine,” Cole explained in her post. “It didn’t hurt and so far, no bad reactions. For those who are able to get vaccinated, please do. Using mRNA for vaccine production is not a new advancement. Scientists and researchers have been developing and studying this technology for vaccines and cancers since 1990. Don’t live in fear, be a part of the solution. Get informed and Get vaccinated….and I’ll keep yall posted if I grow a third arm. Lol, just kidding.”

Dr. Kendra Segura, Lia Dias, Dr. Britten Cole
Dr. Kendra Segura, Lia Dias, Dr. Britten Cole | Randy Shropshire/Bravo

Dr. Kendra Segura said she planned to use Cole’s post when she got her vaccine. A medical professional replied about receiving the vaccine. “Glad to hear! It’s what we have to do for science and society,” Cole replied. She also shared what it actually felt like to receive the shot. “My arm doesn’t even feel like I had a shot. Not sore or anything.”

But when a fan was against the vaccine, Cole replied that it was important she takes the lead. “Somebody has to take the lead,” she responded. “It’s the only way to find solutions. What doesn’t work for me will hopefully be a stepping stone for getting it right the next time.”

Dr. Britten dispels myths and misinformation about the vaccine

Another person asked Cole how long the vaccine provides protection. “We don’t know for sure,” Cole replied. “At 119 days after the first shot there was still immunity.”

Cole also helped to dispel myths about the vaccine. “The government didn’t produce or create the vaccine nor the technology that goes along with it,” she explained. “This is based off the work of scientists and researchers who brought you such things as eradication of small pox, antibiotics for the plague, vaccines for hepatitis B/ chicken pox/measles/polio/HPV (the virus that causes cervical cancer) and many more. Science had gotten us this far. Without it, we’d live to the ripe old age of 45. I’m sticking with science. Stay safe.”


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A few fans wondered how a vaccine could be created so fast when there isn’t a cure for cancer. “Well, this is not a cure either,” she shared. “But we actually do have vaccines for some cancers that are caused by viruses, HPV being one of them.”

“HPV is a cancer vaccine,” she added. “HIV replicates very differently than most ask other virtues which makes it difficult to create a vaccine for. But there are countless other vaccines out there for countless other viruses, most of which you’ve probably already gotten.

“It actually felt like I was a part of history. Groundbreaking even. Honored to do my part,” Cole shared.