‘Married to Medicine: LA’: Fans React to Jazmin Johnson Gossiping About Dr. Imani Walker’s Marriage

As Married to Medicine Los Angeles continues to find its legs in season 2, OGs from the Atlanta crew swooped in for a few episodes to stir the pot. The May 3 premiere landed the Atlanta cast in Jazmin Johnson’s rental property for a spell where they hung out and partied.

Things got tense between Dr. Heavenly Kimes and Kendra Segura, but the real elephant in the room was tied to Dr. Imani Walker and Johnson. Rolling into episode 2 of M2M LA, the pair came face to face, and by the end, chatter spread after Johnson brought up something about her marriage.

'Married to Medicine LA' cast
‘Married to Medicine LA’ cast, Jazmin Johnson, Shanique Drummond, Dr. Kendra Segura, Dr. Imani Walker, Lia Dias, Dr. Britten Cole | Elisabeth Caren/Bravo/Getty Images

Jazmin and Dr. Imani were not on good terms

Prior to the rooftop party at Johnson’s property, Kimes and Walker had a talk while out hiking, and Walker admitted that she didn’t particularly care for Johnson.

Johnson is aware there’s some tension and all the other ladies know too. Quad Webb brought it up during the party, putting Walker on the spot in front of the group.

This led to her and Johnson having a conversation off to the side and making amends. Walker explained how she’s been betrayed before and has issues with being guarded, and Johnson empathized. They hugged and made up.

Jazmin told the business at Dr. Britten’s party

On the night of Dr. Britten Cole’s birthday party, all the ladies were getting along, including Dr. Heavenly and Segura. There was a moment where Walker was talking to Shanique Drummond, Johnson, and two others and she told them her husband Phil had been away from home for three months.

She shared that he was in Oklahoma and made light of it by adding she could sleep in the bed like a starfish. But it’s what she didn’t say that left things open for others to interpret and spin. She neglected to mention he’s building up a cannabis business.

Later in the episode, Johnson is seen gossiping with Drummond about why Phil is away. She took the discussion to Dr. Britten who stoked the fire by saying that maybe he’s in prison. They didn’t realize she was joking.

From there, Johnson went into full blown speculation mode. By the end of the episode, Dr. Britten—who knew the truth—warned Walker to prepare for backlash from the ladies about her husband.

Fans think Johnson was wrong

Online, viewers think Johnson should have kept her lips zipped about Walker’s marriage instead of turning it into gossip fodder. Some believe this may be subtle payback for last season when Walker said Johnson’s home looked like a drug dealer’s house.

Just when it looked like the two were on the right path, Johnson is coming for Walker’s love life. There are some fans who think it’s fair game based on what happened in season 1, and others who want Johnson to pipe down and mind her business.

One twitter user wrote “I really tried to like Jazmin but speculating on someone else’s marriage when your husband is a ghost is ridiculous!”

Another tweeted “Everyone has met Imani’s husband. We all know his name. That’s why Jazmin gets the questions she gets & the fact that she tries to act like the two situations are the same is… disingenuous at best.”

Viewers know that Dr. Imani’s husband is just working while out of state, but the next few episodes will possibly show the ladies trying to uncover the “mystery” about his absence.

Will this friendship between Jazmin Johnson and Imani Walker last? Tune in for Married to Medicine LA on Sundays to find out.