‘Married to Medicine’: Mariah Huq Says She May Sue Over Her Franchise, Explains Contract Beef

Mariah Huq is not happy. The Married to Medicine star spent season 7 at odds with former bestie Quad Webb and defended herself against accusations of drug use.

Off-screen, Huq’s been contending with speculation about her future on the show, and she confirmed that she didn’t receive a contract for season 8. Huq recently discussed her issues with producers and how she may fight back.

Mariah Huq
Mariah Huq | Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/Getty Images

Mariah Huq reiterates there’s no beef with her ‘Married to Medicine’ castmates

Despite the ongoing issues between her and Webb, Huq said she has no problem with her.

During an interview with The Jasmine Brand on July 2, she said that after the reunion, she made peace with the ladies and has not anger toward them, including Webb. “I don’t have any beef or quarrels with any of those ladies. I’m not upset.”

Huq noted bigger issues are facing the community right now and called the fighting petty. “I didn’t like the allegations she made, but you know what? So be it. I know who I am, I stand in my truth, I’ve been consistent since day one.”

She said she’s not mad at the other women for not coming to her defense and believes they were put in an awkward position.

Mariah Huq points to problems with ‘Married to Medicine’ producers, not Bravo

If you remember back to the season 7 reunion in January, Huq expressed her dissatisfaction with her portrayal on the show and how things were edited. She said her family wasn’t shown enough in season 7, saying the reason lies with them being different from the other ladies.

Huq stated that behind the scenes, she’s had fights with producers about her family’s life and religious practices being hidden.

She said one producer told her he would “gag and faint” if she ever wore a hijab and she would “never be on TV again” if she did it. Therefore, she wasn’t permitted to wear such attire on camera.

She also stated throughout her time on the series, her family’s Muslim faith has not been reflected.

Huq doesn’t expect a season 8 contract

Huq told The Jasmine Brand she did not receive a new contract for season 8 and she “doesn’t see one coming.” She noted the ultimate decision is up to Bravo so she doesn’t know for sure, but believes she won’t be a part of Married to Medicine.

Huq pointed to the production team behind the show. She said she knew they were out for blood when they allowed Webb to continuously accuse her of using drugs on the series and in public interviews. It hurt her.

Huq said producers humiliated her in front of the world over the allegations and she’s been treated horribly. She lamented that no one stood up for her.

Further, she thinks she’s been pushed out of the show she created. Huq added she hasn’t been treated as an equal in terms of decision as an executive producer and feels it’s due to her being a Black woman.

“I want them to include me. I want to be treated equally.” She said she’s worked hard and it’s “very insulting to expect me to not fight for what’s rightfully mine.”

Huq said that Married to Medicine was hijacked from her, and she plans to take legal action for multiple reasons. She maintains that creatively, the show is hers.

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