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Marrying Millions is Lifetime’s newest show. It features six couples, one of whom is wealthy and the other of whom is not, as they try to navigate their relationship coming from such different worlds. While half of all of the couples are extremely wealthy, some have more money than others. But which cast member has the highest net worth?

Bill and Briana Marrying Millions
Bill and Briana of Lifetime’s ‘Marrying Millions’ | Lifetime via Instagram

Drew: Net worth unknown

Drew, whose last name is not disclosed on the show, is dating Rosie. Drew is 39 and Rosie is 23, and her friends and family don’t approve of the couple’s relationship. Rosie’s parents seem to think she’ll stray from her own goals if she stays with someone so wealthy. Drew reportedly made millions of dollars in the landscaping business, though he doesn’t specify his net worth on the show.

Shawn Don: Net worth unknown

Shawn Don, similar to Drew, doesn’t specify his net worth on the show. However, it’s safe to say he’s worth several million dollars. Shawn Don made his money in the tech world; today, he’s a rapper. He’s currently dating Kate London, who grew up living a modest life. She doesn’t have nearly as much money as her boyfriend, but she’s adjusted to his lifestyle quite well. It’s unclear right now if the two will get married.

Katie Hamilton: $10 million

Katie Hamilton got a good deal with she and her husband, former MLB player Josh Hamilton, divorced in 2016. Katie and Josh share four daughters together, and she disclosed on the show that her net worth is somewhere around $10 million. Katie recently began dating Kolton, a 23-year-old whom Katie met through her 18-year-old daughter, Julia. Katie, who is 37, is trying to win Julia’s approval of the relationship. So far, it’s not going well.

Gentille Chhun: $15 million

Gentille Chhun, originally from Cambodia, grew up with nothing, but she was determined to find success in the United States. She moved to Las Vegas and broke into the real estate industry — and it paid off. Today, she is a successful real estate investor worth around $15 million. She’s dating Brian, who works in construction and still lives with his parents. Though Gentille seems to love Brian, her friends think she’s blinded by love, and they don’t get a good vibe from him.

Gentille’s boyfriend, Brian, still lives with his parents.

Sean Lourdes: $30 milion

Sean Lourdes is the only cast member who didn’t make his millions on his own. He’s the heir to decades-old media giant Auge Media, and he has a personal net worth of around $30 million. He’s dating Megan, but his parents don’t approve of the couple’s relationship. The two share a son together, and they’re currently planning their wedding on the show. However, Sean’s parents think Megan is only after his money.

Bill Hutchinson: ‘Hundreds of millions’  

Bill Hutchinson is so wealthy that he refuses to disclose his net worth. But when producers asked, he admitted that it’s at least in the hundreds of millions. (Some think it’s even in the billions.) If that’s true, he’d be the show’s wealthiest cast member. He’s a real estate mogul in Dallas and the president of Dunhill Partners, Inc., and he’s currently dating Briana, who is nearly 40 years younger than him. The two met when Briana was a hostess at one of Hutchinson’s go-to restaurants.