Martell and Melody Holt of OWN’s ‘Love and Marriage: Huntsville’ Have Split; Martell Says He Hasn’t Seen Their Children

Martell and Melody Holt’s marital trouble has been played out on OWN’s Love and Marriage Huntsville since the premiere episode. Despite the beautiful couple being the CEOs of a multi-million dollar business and being married for over 10 years, half of their marriage has been riddled with infidelity and they’ve struggled to get things back on track.

After welcoming a new baby and recommitting to their marriage, the parents of four appeared to be on the mend but according to Martell, they’ve split…again. Martell says that not only have they separated and are likely headed for divorce, but he was banned from seeing his children for weeks.

Martell and Melody Holt’s marital issues center around Martell’s infidelity; he says Melody doesn’t cater to him enough

The first season of Love and Marriage: Huntsville revealed that Martell participated in a five-year extramarital affair.

According to the other woman, Arionne Curry, she and Martell did not keep their relationship private. They took vacations together, went out on dates, and that he funded her lifestyle by paying her rent and buying her a matching car.

In an effort to save their marriage, Martell and Melody were filmed in marital counseling. While Melody explained that she felt blindsided by Martell’s affair, he claims that he spoke to her about the needs he felt were not being met. 

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Martell believed Melody put her career before him, did not give him credit for helping her professionally and because she was so busy, he sought comfort in another woman. Melody refused to accept his reasonings and their counselor also informed Martell that it was not his wife’s responsibility to pour into his self-esteem. 

Despite the hiccups, Melody and Martell remained united at the reunion special. Martell insisted that he loved his wife and family and that his cheating ways were over. Melody tearfully explained that she wanted her marriage to work and that they were doing all they could to rectify it.

Martell Holt says Melody left with their children and he hasn’t seen them in weeks

After the reunion special, Melody and Martell welcomed their fourth child together. Things appeared to be moving in a positive direction with the couple. They posted daily videos and photos of each other on their social media pages, started a YouTube page, and introduced their children’s Instagram account. But from recent posts by Martell, he and Melody have separated.
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Martell has been posting throwback photos and videos of him with their children and listing the number of days he has not seen them. When a follower asked why, Martell claimed that Melody left their home with their children and has not allowed him to see the kids since she left. An Instagram blog account captured a screenshot of Martell’s response. 

“Melody left the house with my kids, because I told her I wanted a divorce. She blocked me from calling or texting my children and her mom Vanessa Tracy blocked me as well,” he alleged. “She’s too busy listening to y’all on FB and IG allowing her NOT to properly get over our issues that occurred months ago,” he continued – referring to the constant messages Melody gets regarding her marriage and Martell’s cheating. 

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Melody has not responded to Martell’s claims but she’s deleted all photos including Martell from her Instagram account. Current pictures also show her without her wedding ring and her new video performing to Megan Thee Stallion’s “Savage” challenge has fans believing it’s a message about her being single. 

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Martell and Melody Holt have separated before

Melody has left their home before. She revealed on the show that after discovering Martell’s ongoing affair that she moved her and their children into an apartment. She filed paperwork for divorce but they ultimately reconciled and moved into a new home. Curry claims that Martell and Melody were already legally separated when they began their relationship but Melody denies that. 

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Melody and Martell were living together on the show but in different rooms for much of the season. Curry alleges that they only reconciled when the reality series was greenlit as the Holts are executive producers on the series. Melody has not responded to Curry’s claims. After discovering that Curry and Martell were still in communication, she told Martell that she wanted a divorce. 

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In the finale episode of the series, Melody was filmed speaking to her and Martell’s employees and informing them that she was separating herself from their real estate business. Though they were together at the reunion, a quick look at her Instagram page shows that she has been focused on building her individual brand. In addition to speaking engagements, she has a new skincare line that she’s promoting.

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Love and Marriage: Hunstville was greenlit for another season so until it premieres, fans won’t know what’s actually going on between the Holts. A new video shows Martell with his children, hinting that he has had a recent visitation date.