Martha Hunt Calls Taylor Swift’s Concert Special ‘Just Heavenly’: How Long Have They Been Friends?

Just like everyone else during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Taylor Swift hasn’t been able to hang out with those she loves lately. But one of her good friends, model Martha Hunt, was able to see her musician pal during the City of Lover Concert special broadcast. Here’s what she said about it (plus a look at their friendship).

Martha Hunt is a member of Taylor Swift’s famed ‘girl squad’

Martha Hunt and Taylor Swift onstage at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards
Martha Hunt and Taylor Swift onstage at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards | Ethan Miller/Getty Images

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In the early years of Swift’s career, the tabloids were focused on who she was in a relationship with. As she’s addressed in songs like “The Man,” the popular opinion became that she was dating too much. So she changed the conversation by only being seen in public with other women, deemed her “girl squad,” for a couple of years.

While fellow musicians like Selena Gomez rose to the top of the pack, Swift was also known for spending time with women in other professions. Specifically, models like Martha Hunt.

When did they first become friends?

Swift’s friendship with Hunt began when the singer first performed at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in December 2013, as seen in the above Instagram post. Their first public photos together were taken one year later, at the same event. After that, they were inseparable for some time.

Over the past few years, they’ve been photographed together less frequently, but Hunt’s name made Swift’s famous “Look What You Made Me Do” t-shirt (see her right sleeve, at 3:50). And Swift shared a photo of them on Instagram in 2018.

Hunt tweeted along with the ‘Lover Live From Paris’ concert

On May 17, 2020, Swift’s fans tweeted along with the City of Lover broadcast. And Hunt was right there with them. She wrote that the concert “just heavenly,” and even called out some of her favorite songs, including “Cornelia Street” and the acoustic rendition of “Death By a Thousand Cuts.”

Hunt noted that she was a bit behind with her comments during the stream. But she did so in the funniest way. “I know I’m late but I’m on St. Tropez time,” she wrote, referencing a lyric from “The Man.” She even included a gif of Swift from the song’s music video.

She’s sided with Swift many times over the years

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This isn’t the first time Hunt has used social media to talk about Swift. She’s also stood up for her pal there. “It’s pathetic how quick our culture is to sensationalize a fabricated story,” she wrote on Twitter in July 2016, following the Snapchat reveal that reignited the Kanye West-Taylor Swift feud.

Hunt also chimed in more recently, after the news of Swift’s feud with Scooter Braun over the rights to her masters became public. She wrote, “Taylor doesn’t deserve for someone who has constantly BULLIED her to OWN THE RIGHTS to her blood, sweat, + tears.” She added, “I couldn’t be prouder of my friend for standing up for what’s right.” Clearly, this friendship is still very much intact.