‘Martin’ Star Reflects on Tension on Show Between Tisha Campbell and Martin Lawrence

With a Martin reboot in the works, many are looking forward to seeing the relationship between Martin Lawrence and Tisha Campbell’s on-screen again. Fans of the show remember the tension between the two leading to the show’s cancellation. The series ended following Campbell’s accusations against Lawrence for sexual harassment.

Martin Lawrence and Tisha Campbell on 'Martin'
Martin Lawrence and Tisha Campbell on ‘Martin’ via Twitter

Reginald Ballard is best known for working alongside the two on Martin. He admits to the tension between Campbell and Lawrence behind the scenes in a recent interview.

A recap of Martin Lawrence and Tisha Campbell issues

Lawrence and Campbell’s onscreen chemistry is undeniable. Their relationship on Martin is the perfect example of #couplesgoals for many fans of the show. Apparently, their relationship offscreen didn’t match what viewers witnessed.

Campbell sued her co-star for sexual harassment. A 1997 JET Magazine piece reveals that Campbell alleges Larence created working conditions that were “intolerable.”

She claims that she “was subjected to repeated and escalating sexual harassment, sexual battery, verbal abuse and related threats to her physical safety” by Lawrence. 

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Legal papers reveal that Campbell says Lawrence often asked, but she always declined.

She says Lawrence began retaliation practices, including him throwing tantrums, having angry outbursts, and threatening her when he didn’t get his way on set. 

Campbell even went as far as requesting that writers eliminate scenes with she and Lawrence in bed together. According to her, Lawrence began groping and using his tongue while kissing her against her wishes. 

Lawrence accused Campbell of lying for the sake of getting a better contract on the show. 

Tisha Campbell leaves ‘Martin’

Campbell’s work on the show continued but by the end of season 4, she refused to participate in any scenes with Lawrence overall. Instead, writings were left to scramble to come up with creative ways to document the couple’s marriage into the storyline.

There are several episodes in the final season that do not feature Campbell. Lawrence. In such instances, other character storylines were explored in the episodes.

Campbell did participate in the finale episode but did not film any scenes with Lawrence.

Reginald Ballard explains tension on the set of ‘Martin’

Reginald Ballard, who starred as Bruh Man on the series, spoke with Vlad TV in June 2019 about the changes on set and behind the scenes.

“Not only could they [Lawrence and Campbell] be in the same room, they I don’t even think they could be on the lot [together] at Universal. If Martin was on the lot at Universal, she couldn’t be there. If she was there, he couldn’t be there,” he says.

As far as what led to the issues between Lawrence and Campbell, Ballard says he’s not sure. He maintains his interactions with the cast were minimal and that he didn’t have personal relationships with any of them outside of filming. 

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Ballard does admit that he heard rumors of Campbell and Martin’s issues and says it was tense on set as a result. Ballard notes that he was not a main cast member as the others.

“I don’t know. People ask me that all the time. Only thing I know is when they say action ‘Just chillin’ and when they say cut it’s ‘see y’all tomorrow,’” he says. “I don’t know what went down between those two…I was on the outside looking in because I wasn’t a regular character, I was a recurring character.”

Lawrence and Campbell have since made amends and there are talks of a potential reboot of the series.