The Marvel Characters ‘The Boys’ Main Superheroes Parody

The Boys is Amazon’s golden child that follows the mature, gritty comic it’s named after. In this alternate universe where superheroes aren’t all that heroic, we’ve noticed the connection between the Supes on the show and the ones from Marvel. Here’s a look at who the main characters are parodying.

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Translucent from ‘The Boys’ and Invisible Woman

The naked invisible man, Translucent, shares powers with Sue Richards, better known as the Invisible Woman from the Fantastic Four. That’s about where the similarities stop. Sue can conjure mental force fields for defense and offense. On the other hand, Translucent has diamond-like skin and a few other stealth abilities. According to Men’s Health, he’s a show-only character. In the comic, he’s replacing an alien member of The Seven named Jack from Jupiter. 

Stormfront and Storm

Making her debut in season 2, Stormfront has powers similar to Storm for Marvel’s X-Men. However, the show gives her a few more powers like super strength and speed. Her comic book counterpart can also control the weather. 

In the comics, Stormfront was a man and the first Supe ever. Germany created him before being taken in by Americans after World War II. To hide his Nazi roots, he tells everyone that he’s a reincarnated Viking.

A-Train from ‘The Boys’ and Quicksilver or Speed Demon

A-Train runs at super speed, which is one of the most common superpowers throughout time. Even the Roman god Mercury had this ability. But as far as Marvel, the best parallel would be Quicksilver or Speed Demon. He also shares the goggles and aesthetics of Falcon from the Avengers.

Starlight and Dazzler

Starlight could be regarded as one of the most powerful Supes we see. Her superpower allows her to control pure light and use it as a weapon, shooting beams from her eyes and hands. She also has super strength. She most closely resembles Dazzler from Marvel. However, unlike Starlight, Dazzler needs sound to use her powers because she converts the vibrations into the light.

The Deep and Namor

It’s obvious who The Deep is supposed to be, but to find the Marvel hero, we need to dig a little deeperHe is a parody of Namor, who can breathe underwater and converse with the sea creatures. However, The Deep is dressed up in a full body. In comparison, Namor is normally shown rocking only his green speedo.

Black Noir and Black Panther or Nighthawk

As GameSpot points out, Black Noir looks like Marvel’s Black Panther, but his powers and persona are closer to Nighthawk, specifically the Squadron Supreme version of the character. They’re both violent and great hand-to-hand fighters. And both of them love getting into fights in the dark of night. They’re just missing a couple of billion dollars and a utility belt.

Queen Maeve and Valkyrie

Queen Maeve is a little harder to pin down. The best match from Marvel would be Valkyrie. She’s an Asgardian like Thor, so she’s super strong. But if we’re honest here, it’s a bit of a stretch.

Homelander and Captain America

Homelander is the leader of The Seven and is the Captain America of this universe.  However, Homelander has far more abilities like flight, x-ray vision, and super speed. But unlike good-ole Cap, Homelander uses his powers for evil and to get his way. As CBR puts it, “he’s terrifying because he’s willing to use them for evil reasons and is unstoppable.”

What’s in store next for ‘The Boys’

The release date for season 3 hasn’t been announced yet. However, Amazon did confirm it’s coming. They only recently started filming earlier this year, so that we will be waiting until at least the end of 2022 or early 2023. 

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