Marvel Fans Still Aren’t Convinced ‘Spider-Man’ Villain Mysterio is a One-and-Done in the MCU

Some frustration exists in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) killing off their villains a little too fast. A good argument for that is Marvel wants each movie to become a centerpiece for a star evil nemesis.

One could argue in favor because each MCU movie feels like two or three movies anyway. This same feeling applies to Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) in Spider-Man: Far From Home. Regardless, fans still think it was never quite enough for a sharp villain like Quentin Beck.

Mysterio in Marvel Comics
Mysterio | Marvel Comics

Considering how manipulative Beck/Mysterio is, fans are starting to think he never died as shown at the end of Far From Home. Logical evidence would point to Beck setting things up to out Parker as a terrorist/murderer while former faked his own death.

Many fans want past villains to return rather than relegated to one film

On Reddit recently, many fans expounded about villains like Ultron being too good not to return at some point. A long time has passed since everyone saw Ultron, though, not including a mixed opinion about the character at the time.

Seeing Ultron return after the death of Tony Stark would also mean a little piece of Stark’s old self returning. Chances are far better for other villains returning, notably Mysterio. Months ago, another Reddit discussion speculated on whether Quentin Beck really was dead after being one of the most cunning villains of all time.

A consensus said he probably was still alive, particularly with a key Easter egg scene with Beck in the early part of Far From Home. As noted by keen-eyed viewers last year, Beck is seen in civilian clothes walking behind Peter Parker in Venice. Beck and his cohorts apparently followed Parker to gain intel on him before going forward with their devious plan.

With Beck being this insidious, it gives all the more credibility toward him making his death an illusion rather than reality. Yes, when a supervillain like Mysterio has back-up plans to the back-up plans, you know he has the capability to do virtually anything.

Is there room for Mysterio to return in a future ‘Spider-Man’ film?

Jake Gyllenhaal Mysterio MCU
Jake Gyllenhaal | Photo by Rebeca Figueiredo Amorim/Getty Images for Sony

No one knows yet what the plot of Spider-Man 3 will be. Because of COVID-19 delays, any speculation will remain for likely a year or more. All anyone really knows is Peter Parker has to clear his name due to Mysterio’s doctored video J. Jonah Jameson released to the public.

If Mysterio did survive, how would it be explained? He was supposedly killed when his own drones setting up the illusions misfired and fatally wounded him. Even this might have been an illusion, however, since Mysterio always seemed half-a-dozen steps ahead in all his illusionary plans.

Then again, other fans on Reddit do think Mysterio is dead, only because all the villains have at least one flaw about them. A simple miscalculation in not being able to dodge the drone firings may be a simple enough explanation.

Also, since Mysterio had a group of rogues working for him (as former Stark Industries employees), they could keep Mysterio alive as an illusion/hologram, no matter if Quentin Beck did die.

Maybe Marvel will sneak in hidden Quentin Beck appearances

That above scene where Beck was seen following Parker in Venice was never noticed by many fans until weeks or months after the fact. A lot of viewers had to pause the video to catch Beck there.

Of course, this was kept secret all along as the perfect Easter egg. What if Marvel decided to do that as a way to gradually bring Mysterio back at a future date?

Other speculation about his return rests on the Sinister Six. Five of those characters are already set up in the Spider-Man films to perhaps make this a reality. Not having Mysterio a part of the six (as in the comic books) would make no sense.

One thing everyone has learned is the MCU is gradually veering more away from the comic book stories. Giving a different twist to Mysterio returning would become more interesting, including having him in the shadows for a while as the slippery eel he is.