The Marvel Film That Some Consider a Christmas Movie — and It’s Not ‘Iron Man 3’

Every year in December, the internet engages in debates about whether or not certain films are, in fact, Christmas movies. Die Hard is among those frequently argued, as is another action flick: The Marvel Cinematic Universe entry Iron Man 3. But, as it turns out, there’s another Marvel movie that could also fall into this category.

‘Iron Man 3’ takes place during the holiday season

Robert Downey Jr attends a special screening of 'Iron Man 3' on April 18, 2013 in London, England.
Robert Downey Jr attends a special screening of ‘Iron Man 3’ on April 18, 2013 in London, England. | Dave J Hogan/Getty Images

Following The Avengers, Marvel released its conclusion to its first franchise-within-a-franchise. Iron Man 3, which debuted in May 2013, sees Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark struggling following the events of the superhero team-up. The events take place in December 2012, as Stark finds himself taking on the Mandarin.

Several scenes denote the film’s setting. In one, Tony, alone in the middle of the country rather than his usual Los Angeles residence, treks through falling snow to call Pepper from a payphone at a gas station adorned in holiday lights. “It’s Christmastime,” he says in a message, “I’m sorry in advance because I can’t come home yet.”

Every year, fans debate whether or not it is a Christmas movie

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Though the connection to the holiday is loose at best, MCU fans are eager to claim Iron Man 3 as a Christmas movie. “Is Iron Man 3 the new generations “it’s technically a Christmas movie cause it takes place during Christmas and has Christmas themes and music throughout,” wrote one Twitter user. “Cause if so, I’m actually here for it.”

For those still going back and forth, Marvel itself also falls strictly on the pro-side of this argument. “It’s hard to argue with the holiday setting, the gift-giving, the repenting for past mistakes, and Tony wanting to be better — not just for himself but the people around him, too,” explains one article on its website.

‘Deadpool’ features a holiday montage

Of course, there are plenty of other Marvel movies that showcase holidays. Among them is Deadpool. While not part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe canon at the time, the 2016 film depicts Ryan Reynolds’ Wade Wilson, who obtains superpowers (such as body re-growth) following an experimental treatment.

Before his transformation, Wade (a contract killer) falls for a woman, Vanessa. With their similar dark senses of humor and less-than-idyllic childhoods, they click instantaneously. Then comes a series of sex scenes, each taking place on a different holiday. On Christmas, Wade (dressed in just a sweater) proposes to Vanessa.

There’s also a version of ‘Deadpool 2’ with a Christmas theme

Deadpool was so well-received that Fox quickly ordered a sequel. Like the first film, Deadpool 2 is outrageous, funny, and absolutely rated-R. Because of this, many kids who enjoy superhero flicks weren’t allowed to see these entries. So to satiate this desire (and earn some more money), the studio released another version.

Once Upon a Deadpool debuted in theaters on December 24, 2018, months after the original. The reworked film cuts out the many profanities as well as the excessive violence and blood shown in Deadpool 2. But it also includes a few new scenes and the character in a Santa hat, which were added for the holiday release angle.